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Thanks for being a health partner with this show and also for creating products that directly affect my life. Like the sleep one. Because if not. I'm up all goddamn night back to the show now. Joining us is the walking talking. Enshrinement of the hall of fame of the greatest league on earth one week from today players on. Nfl rosters will play football dense each other on television. We've had a long off season in the first week of nfl. Football league get to see not only a celebration that the next season has come but a celebration of all the great things that have been the hall of fame game one week from today representing that all day every day. Ladies and gentlemen david great man great to hear all the good things. You're doing how good your shows doing. I apologize overdress. I should've worn my take. Well listen if you were attained top. I think people be asking if you want to get back on the field. I got a chance to see you up. Close and personal david baker whenever we had to hall of fame game and then obviously there was the pain issue. You came into that locker room to tell us like hey here. It's all the fame. We love the players. We look out for the players that were literally the only entity that is one hundred percent for the players. That wouldn't be right for you guys to go on the field and play tonight or whatever. It was very very professional. Very gentleman of you and you're standing next to me while delivering that speech and i remember go get this guy out of the head of the hall of fame and get him on our god damn offensive line. That's our time mr baker. You've done a hell of a job with the nfl hall of fame sir. Well thank you god. That was kind of my my worst day and my best day at the same time. And i've never really talked about this publicly but you know when we you know when we cancel that game it was frankly a painful decision but it was an easy decision to make because our first tenant here at the pro. Football team is to honor the heroes of the game and can't keep you safe. We're not honoring it. And i don't know if you recall but we had a whole lot of angry fields france fans. I'm sweating through my my suit out there. It's like one hundred degrees have been on media. And what the coolest thing was We were going to still have. Aaron rodgers was kind enough to talk to people Oliver locked talk to people. You guys lined up so that we can at least give the fan something. The fans booed me and they should have booed me. Because we weren't we weren't playing the game with the coolest thing happened in my career was i looked back and all the players who had lined up. I don't know if you remember what they were plotting. Decision that was yes. And i had a son played in the league for eight years with atlanta. He was not upon erica. Okay oprah atlanta sam baker and I finally got home that night at about two o'clock and i'm still sweating big and i put my phone down I'll always remember it kind of buzz. 'cause i got a text and my son had flown home. He just landed at the airport and found out what happened and He texted me says he is just landed. He says i got fifty texts from nfl players. Who respect the heck out of what you did. Yes and it is about you guys. It is about keeping everybody safe so I'd like to think that was both my worst best is in one day. Well i wanna let you know as a player. It was your best day because it was literally the. I didn't know that was your decision. By the way. I thought other people are potentially making that decision. Because i remember going out on the field and i think at that point aaron was already down the field there already groups of people having conversations around the field and everybody was like okay. Now who's going to make this decision. You know because there are still people that wanted to happen. Obviously it's a big deal but you stepping up for us. I think the players will never ever forget it. We're very thankful for it in the fans that booth in the moment hindsight look back and say. Hey let's talk about next week though and we've got a big week coming up. Where are you at right now. I know you're zoom calling the hall of fame but is everything. Is the hay in the barn already. Do you have any more work before. Next week's big festivities or what are we gotta figure out. We're gonna have the first full stadium for football in eighteen months. It's on fox the cowboys and the steelers and then we've got the gold jacket dinner the next night we got the fifth rate in the united states in this little place vocation and then we've got the enshrinement for the centennial class which was going to be last year Twenty guys for twenty twenty and it's an incredible class apolo famers undoubtedly the best ever. And now we've got the class of twenty twenty one that will be enshrined on sunday night and this is going to be specialized truly believe past that. It's going to be one of the greatest gatherings in football ever. I've i've heard about some of the parties that are being prepared. I'm not sure if you get any heads up on those beforehandbut. Jim irsay actually said brother to do. Whatever they're asking me for. Deejays are asking me for this and jim mercy's for bateman edge. Do whatever the hell you want. Do you know about the festivities that are happening afterwards. After run that by you or is that all kind of private you do whatever you gotta do well. Those are private parties but we have the other stuff all coordination together Certainly will the can't close the sheriff's department the nfl security and the fbi back. But it's a good time. I mean it really is a cool event. I was felt that the best super bowls were at those small cities like indianapolis that was super cool super bowl because the game was almost bigger than the city. It merged together. That's what happens in canton. And we've got paul tagliabue's being enshrined as commissioner for a long time. So all the people that built the league or come into this. It's going to be a really special time. I'd love to have you here if you want to. You could stay at my house..

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