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An infinity SUV pulls up in at least two shooters get out and start firing in the panicky saw mom trying to pull her son to safety. And he got shot as well. D.C. police chief Robert Conti says the child and three men were shot. Right now it appears that the child was not the intended target, but probably the victim of a near round. The shooting happening just steps away from the fourth district police station in Conti says with that. I think it speaks to the brazenness of these individuals and why they need to be apprehended in D.C.'s brightwood neighborhood at northwest. Mike Morello WTO news. The scene who was shot and killed in the district on Monday was a Dunbar high school student we're told, 17 year old martez Tony was shot at the Congress heights metro station around 10 p.m. Monday like 14 year old boy was also shot in the situation he has injuries this morning that are considered non life threatening and a message sent to the community Dunbar high school leader say that ECP has mental health team is available to provide support to anyone who needs it. It's three 37 on WTO PEEP. The 19 year old accused on attacking three police officers with a machete near Times Square on New Year's Eve is expected to be arraigned later today, meanwhile, his mother reached out to police last month to express concerns about him. Police in wealth Maine were Trevor bickford is from, say, they notified the FBI about him, and if the 19 year old was radicalized, he was not overt about it. Officials going through bickford's online posting say they include Islamic extremist views, the FBI says they believe he acted alone and NYPD chief of intelligence Thomas galadi tells WABC TV bickford knew what he was doing and why he was doing it. During the attack he did yell out, I thought, and I believe he thought that this would be Suicide. by cop. Police shot bickford in the shoulder, one officer suffered a skull fracture another a deep cut. Julie Walker, New York. Good Wednesday morning, January 4th, three 38 in the morning at WTT.

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