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That really harnessed that. You have editorial control only when you have authority so good view just writing something. You don't know how well it's going to perform. This is something that i vote. isn't that mark. Each vote was designed. It's i want confidence among content confidence. I want to know that if i publish a great article on this topic will it perform. Can i predict the performance. Or will i know that. Hey i not only need this one page. But i need to build an entire cluster on this topic in order to move the needle for my teed that lack of confidence plagues content because then they go out if big is just about looking at their competitors and writing. A better article is not just about that. You do need to do that but you also have to have expectations set of where you currently stand. Do you need coverage of these fifteen other intents within this topic or these other stages of funnel in order to make that that monster that tiller aged that our page star to grow we'd find a so many people think that they can just go along great peace and it's going to work on gonna just not reality. It's like if you go build. Benjamin shapiro's blog and you go right. The highest the most amazing consummated. You've ever seen about plastic. They're still a political podcast her. That's going to outrank me. For my own name. I'll guide diet should years. Is that such a terrible example. But if you're the most the best article ever about your new iphone your review it's ten thousand words. It's the most beautiful imagery lock but if you're on c. Net number one. Why my It's funny i used. it's not lace. Search metrics is content explorer which probably a little competitive with market mused. But it's a service that helps you understand how your content should rank and for my other podcast mar tech podcast when people are looking for the term martic. The most commonly searched for query is. What is martin so we wrote the what is mar tech page with a ninety nine percent rating on this content experience tool and we're ranking in the thirties and a big part of that is we're competing against martic today and you know brands that have a larger and a better reputation and so you know it brings me to this concept of breath and depth right often. Seo's thank all. I need is depth. All i need is one great piece of content and that i will rank in reality. You need great content for the topic that you wanna cover but you also need breath and other topics that you could build your domain reputation and that's what we're going to talk about as we continue this conversation tomorrow. So that wraps up this episode of the voices of search podcast. Thanks for listening to my conversation with jeff. Coyle co founder and chief strategy officer at market muse and partout this interview which will publish tomorrow. Jeff and i are going to talk about the difference between keywords and topics if you can't wait until the next episode and you'd like to contact jeff you could find a link to his linked in profile on our show notes. You can contact him on twitter where his handle is jeffrey underscore coil at j. e. f. f. r. e. y. Underscore co y. l. e. or. You can visit his company's website which is market muse dot com a special thanks to search metrics for sponsoring this podcast. Don't forget about their new twenty twenty one offer where you can get twenty percent off of search metrics sweet and supported services until you grow your website by twenty one percent to check out the details of their twenty percents offer good a search metrics dot co slash. Twenty twenty one offer and especial thanks to h rafts for sponsoring this podcast monitoring. Your website used to require multiple expensive tools. But that's not the case anymore. Thanks to h refs because they just launched their h. Refs webmaster tools product which monitors your seo health helps you keep track of your back links and gives you the insight into what keywords are performing for free so check out. Eight trips webmaster tools at h. Refs dot com slash. Awt that's eight drafts. h. r. e. f. s. dot com slash a. w. just one more lincoln. Our show notes. I'd like to tell you about if you didn't have a chance to take notes while you're listening to this podcast head over to voices of search dot com where we have summaries of all of our episodes and contact information for our guests. You can also send us your topic suggestions or your seo questions and you can even apply to be a guest speaker on the voices of search podcast. Of course you can always reach out on social media or handle is voices of search on twitter and my personal handle is benjy shop. Be and j. s. h. a. p. And if you haven't subscribed yet and you wanna daily stream of marketing and technology knowledge in your podcast feed in addition to part two of my conversation with jeff coyle co founder and chief strategy officer upmarket mused. We're gonna publish an episode every day during the workweek so at the subscribe button on your podcast app. And we'll be back in her feet tomorrow morning. All right that's it for today but until next time remember. The answers are always in the data..

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