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One thing I think about when we think you know what what is a hit for us. And what's how can you predict what happens in the various civilizations over the many centuries and even in our lifetime certainly in the twentieth century the most onerous of civilizations and empires was the Soviet Empire and it came to an end now. The important characteristic of the end of the Soviet empire was the fact that we didn't need a a nuclear exchange. It disintegrated from within this basically true outside forces have something to do with it all the way back the Roman Empire but basically empires good or bad disintegrate from From within so. I'm believed that that that is our contention has asked to be right. Now is what is happening to our country from within and actually it's very encouraging. There are disintegrating. It's giving us an opportunity. We don't have to go to war with them. Self destruct. Keynesianism is coming to an end. All they have to do now is dictate to is that everything has to give his name. Will the required have negative interest and get rid of cash and I think finally the American people wake up and maybe revolt against this insanity throughout history and history is rather short. Human history recorded recorded history. Probably five thousand years and it's vaguely recorded back. Then I was trying to find out the exact date the ten commandments were renting. You really can't find even you can't even get the date exactly when Moses brought down the tablets with the Ten Commandments. But even then when you go back you'll find out that a lot of those principles were even known with the Assyrians two or three hundred years before the Moses issued the ten commandments but One thing that seems to have been the motivation there is to set some rules. Civilization was coming about rather primitive but they knew they had to have some rules for the people in order to survive. And if you look at what the basic rules were what they were. Trying to design very very libertarian area. And you're basically you know don't lie don't cheat don't steal and don't murder and it's found in most of the great religions and it was designed of course to limit the hostilities and the violence of of individuals to bring about civilization -sation and of course the government was supposed to be very much involved in say that is that is where we come up short because the government hasn't done a very good job in doing this. We've seen maybe the reversal of that but we had the ten commandments. Emphasis and the move on generally over the many centuries was to see if we could develop him develop a set of standards for tranquility and peace and try to curtail the power of government so a major event occurred in twelve. Fifteen fifteen with the MAGNA Carta you know establishing you know that we have the governments can't hold us and governments should be held responsible. The same laws in this was a significant event. It wasn V. event of all history. But it suggested that the king's hand to live under the same laws at the people have donder and the British a follow this to some degree and tried to improve on that over the many years now. Another significant date from my viewpoint occurred when the people got discussed for various reasons. What was what was going on in Europe and in Britain in and the different places so they heard about America and they wanted to come to America in one particular settlement that stands out in history that we should pay attention to was the the Plymouth Colony in sixteen twenty and it was? It was a bad deal. I mean they came over. The percentage of people. That died was horrendous after even after they got here but they developed a system of pure socialism. Collectivism worked together and whoever needed to eat they they would take the food and low and behold the people weren't working very well and they weren't doing well so Bradford finally comes along has a brilliant idea. It had been floating around a bit about that time. WHO said this give up on this? This not have socialism. This is a new country. What we WANNA do is a lot property pretty rights to certain people? And you're on your own. Go go what you want raise. Which one in Lo and behold to their tremendous surprise there was great productivity tippety people produce more than they need it and then they automatically started taking care of the people who weren't capable of raising their own crops and it was in in many ways blaze burying in our history the concept of socialism and of course the history? There was much more individualism and there is much more. Incentives built alien to it and we were moving into age of of of thinking about capitalism and Adam Smith in these other events and that actually went. It went pretty pretty well but it was really established in seventeen. Seventy six another bold move on the part of our ancestors to put together and make a declaration ration- of independence individuals emphasize the individual. And this was one thing that Murray Rothbart had pointed out that one of the reasons this is why individuals were considered important and he gave credit to Christianity and The importance of the individual and in that sense Christianity. He ended the did have an influence on on our culture and our society but this was a major bat and we did benefit for a long time time in that manner for up to where I think. The progressive era started in eighteen. Ninety eight then all of a sudden the progressive moved in and set the stage age with twentieth century which is as did not go well and and people capitulated to progressivism and they forgot about Plymouth and they went down and they had a more sophisticated method of promoting socialism and in the twentieth century. You know brought to dig two groups. The conservative warmongers as well as the As as the liberals to brought them together the use of force and and I and we ended up with socialism welfarism special interests and A a concept where especially under Woodrow Wilson that we had a responsibility responsibility to make the world safe for democracy. Well yes what. WORLD DIDN'T BECOME SAFE DIM become in their terms democratic. It was a disaster astor so if we could do one thing maybe we could repeal woodrow Wilson including the Income Tax in the.

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