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Indian says he of georgia power has had an application for bail by one of bollywood's biggest stars summon con the actor who's fifty two has been sentenced to five years in prison for killing two endangered blackbox antelopes twenty years ago a decision is expected in the next few hours three hundred extra police officers are being deployed in london to help combat an increase in knife attacks and shootings fifty five murder investigations have been opened in the city this year and facebook has been urged to do more to prevent the sale of nazi memorabilia through its website campaigners at the trade in such items could fund and encourage extremist groups bbc news hello welcome to health check from the bbc on claudia hammond this is the show that looks at the latest advances in health and medicine and this week we're looking at genetic testing and the man who's led research into preventing hereditary forms of cancer from being passed on through families professor sir john burn he hails from a city in the north of england with a distinct identity and is anyone is overseas is being there will have noticed a distinct accent the city is newcastle upon tyne and as well as being one of the first consultants in clinical genetics in the uk back in the nineteen eighties john byrne was one of the founders of the unique sants village in the city housing six hundred researchers and public science center today we've asked him to look back on his working life i with the help of professor jim al khalili who began by asking him why he believes that every one of us should have genetic tests everyone appreciates the dollar jeans have a major part to play in the ill health that will befall us and there are a significant number of ready eases which individually might only affect one in ten thousand people but collectively affect one in seventeen of our population so that group at least which are mostly attributable to single specific gene problems we could do so much more to help either by identifying them early before disease develops and that's my major interest in hereditary predisposition to cancer or in identifying couples who are both carrying the same faulty gene and who are at risk of.

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