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He's from the Congo. He's bounced around. He was 27th pick on, I think Brooklyn? Yeah. My dad is all in on both of those guys. He went to the game and came back. He's like, we never have guys like this. They're always on other teams. He's just always wanted us to have like a max druce type and just an energy guy, shot blocker, finisher, run the floor guy. And I think both of those guys have it. I think Hauser definitely is going to be in the rotation and is going to make a gown. Everything not matter. He's definitely going to be in the rotation. That's settled. That was before. Yeah. And then the other guy, I think, has a chance to actually play real minutes for them this year as they try to figure out various ways to not get out for it to 1800 minutes. Anyway, I own all the same hazard stock. Nobody else can have it. Last one, and this is just Taylor made for you. Yeah. Which player who made the NBA top 75 list, which active player on the top 75 list. Has the most at stake this season. Here are the players. Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, Damian Lillard, Russell Westbrook, Yana Satan. Kevin Durant. Wow. Didn't expect that. I thought for sure you were gonna go harden. No, because Hardin's not the best part in his own team. And I think he's at a slightly different point in his career. Little Clyde drexler with Hakeem kind of kind of thing. Durant chose his destiny the last four years. He nearly blew up that Ned's thing. He attached himself to one of the worst basketball stars you could have attached yourself to. He's still the best player on a team that I think we all think is really talented. We still think there's a chance he's a top 5 to 7 guy, he got his ass kicked by Tatum in the playoffs last year, which is a thing that happened. We just have to say, like, Tatum played way better than him and bullied him and made him look as bad as we've ever seen Durant in a playoff series. How does he come back from all that? What kind of player is he at this point in his career? Was in the O 7 draft. This is his, I think, is 16th season. Is he still a super duper star? Can he still be the best guy in a title team? You created this whole situation, Kevin Durant. It looks like Simmons is actually going to be able to play. I still have a serious serious concerns about him at a free throw line in the fourth quarter. Can he go 82 games? Is he going to all of a sudden disappear for ten games? I have concerns about him at the free throw line in the first quarter. Right, yeah, any quarter. He saw us play in front of crowds, all that stuff. But athletically, he looked good in the exhibition game. So we had that question to answer. And they have a lot of talent. And other than the bucks who are the most stable team and I think the Celtics maybe be our little sneakier than because they lost the coach and oh my God, but man, when you watch, I don't know if you saw the second quarter of the preseason game. They had bragged and out there were smart. They had Brown and Tatum and they in Horford and it was like a holy moment. Because brogden's like, Derek white would have good games and he would have bad games, right? And when Derek white was good, the Celtics looked really good in the playoffs. They'd be like, oh, and then he would be Derek white again. Brockton's just good all the time. And he knows where to go, and he knows the ball moves. He can create, he can beat guys off the dribble. And I was watching those 5 guys together for 5 minutes, and it was a holy crap moment. So I think Milwaukee in Boston and Philly, you know, whatever, but Durant can go toe to toe with all those teams. So that's the guy I'm watching this year. Who do you have? I think you can make the case for everybody that I just named on that list. The same is not dangerous. Except damn because his team's not good enough. Russ, because he's not good enough. Steph, because it's all his legacy is completely cemented all he can do is incrementally add to it. Yeah, but he could get 5 titles and that ties himself with Kobe and that, that puts himself into a legitimate player of his generation versus LeBron argument. Well, and we didn't talk about that with regard to the warriors, guys, because they were in that photo a dream on his wedding with LeBron holding up the four fingers. They all have a chance. All of them to get the 5 rings because LeBron's gonna be in the warriors in two years. LeBron, you can make a case for Chris Paul, you can make a case for time is running out. Chris Paul's alvarado, that was it. That was the Seminole Chris Paul Bo, but alvarado pressure him 94 feet changed his career. Wow. Jose alvarado sucker punched him basically. Now everybody knows, just pressure Chris Paul in a playoff series. Episode scorcher from Bill Simmons. What did we learn in the playoffs last year? Pressure Chris Paul. Make him work. He's going to wear down. It's going to happen. He's too old.

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