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We just talked about where you can find cameron online. You can find the world shapers online at the main website. <hes> the world shapers dot com. You can find it on twitter at <hes> at the world shapers you can find it on facebook out the world shapers. If you search for the world shapers podcast. You'll find it without any trouble. If you would like to know more about me your hopefully genial <unk> host. You can find me online at edward willett dot com e._d._w. A._r._d. w. I l. l. e. t. t. two ts dot com. You can find me on twitter at e willett e. w. I l. e. t. T. and you can find me on facebook at edward dot well. I hope you enjoyed this episode of the world tapers. I hope you will come back in the future for some more great interviews. Some of the people coming up soon include john kessel lisa kessler susan nj forest james alan gardner candice. Jane dorsey mary robinson cowl and just <hes> confirmed actually today as i'm recording this. It's a bit of the podcast <hes> garth nix. <hes> has said that he will be. I guess i'm very excited about that. One so lots of tremendous writers coming up we'll be talking to i'll be talking to and of course if you want to go back and listen to some of the previous ones you can find them all listed on the website up to the world dot com. If you click on archive <hes> in the main menu that will take you to a list of everybody that i have talked to so far and again. That's it this time around. It's been great fun talking to cameron hurley. I hope you've enjoyed listening and i hope that you'll come back many more times to listen to migrate interviews with the science fiction and fantasy authors who created aided the fabulous world. We've enjoyed adventures and over the years and wonderful characters who have shared those adventures with that's it for this star <music>..

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