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What was the transition to life after baseball? Like Roy Holiday. Well for a lot of these guys it you have to fill this competitive nature that you have and some guys are able to do it better than others. And the way that Roy Halladay did it was sort of immersing himself in the psychology of the game. He had this close bond with Harvey Dorfman. The announced sports psychologists who really helped to rebuild his career in the early two thousands when he struggled and Palley felt like he had to pay it forward he wanted to give back. He wanted to sort of be. Harvey Dorfman was to him. He wanted to be that for other players and so he started taking classes at local colleges. He started volunteering with the phillies as a mental skills coach. He started coaching his son's Baseball teams travel teams He became an assistant coach at at a local high school in clearwater Florida. Where his oldest son? Brayden was a pitcher he was really embracing this life of paying it forward and giving it back and at the same time he started. Show a little his lighter side. He opened a twitter account which we thought was so out of character. The former ACE tweeted a picture of himself taking the mound against a fan whom he struck out. He captioned the tweet quote. I recorded my first strikeout since retirement time for a comeback. She has a better swing than a Rod. No steroids and quote but it turns out. You know he's pretty funny a lot of us all some of it behind the scenes he did. Love to joke was a great prankster. But you know the the average person didn't get to see that until Roy. Halladay opened a twitter account After retiring and it was pretty funny and what role did flying in his life. I mean he was an avid pilot. HIS FATHER. Roy was a pilot. This is flying is something that always fascinated him. I can recall numerous times when when before drones were a thing before they were cool. Ray Halladay had a lot of money to spend and he would by the biggest fanciest cools drones. You've ever seen and I'm talking about twenty ten. Twenty eleven he would fly around the clubhouse he wants had one of the club's give him Ryan Howard's paycheck the attached to the drone any fluid over to Ryan Howard's locker and dropped off the paycheck that way and everyone kind of thought that was awesome but flying was one of the ways that he sort of replaced these competitive juices so matt walk us through what happened in November twenty Seventeen Roy. Halladay had this this plane. It was almost like a trick plane. It was a small plane that he liked to fly and honestly he parked right near his house in Florida and he was able to. Kinda get up and get down and he would take his sons up there. He would take his sons friends up their teammates and he loved to fly and he gotten a lot of hours flying but On this day he took his plane up and this is in a residential area. I mean this was not this was not in a secluded spot where he was doing this flying and they describe in radic flight path and to sort of flying close to the water And then doing these tricks and being upside down and really the descriptions were that of over neurotic. Pilot this new video obtained by TMZ. Sports shows former baseball star. Roy Halladay flying his plane just moments before he fatally crashed into the ocean. Who really there was this feeling that he had so much left to give to this game. He had found this interest and he had taken a job with the phillies a fulltime job. He put his cell phone number on the door and invited any player to call him if they needed to talk. It's sad because he did have more to give back to this game you know. There was a toxicology report in the NTSB INVESTIGATION. That that really revealed that he. He was truly reckless. When flying this plane and he had allowed drugs in his system. He was abusing painkillers. He was abusing other drugs. He had a lot of problems. He had a lot of demons that he wasn't able to escape and new in the years since his death. We have come to learn a lot more about these struggles. That Roy Halladay had well. There is just this outpouring of grief when he died not just in Toronto or in Philly but but really throughout the baseball community. And I think we all remember when when the phillies and the Blue Jays memorialized him and his wife Brandy gave one of the more emotional speeches are eulogies that we've ever seen. I didn't know how big my heart was until I felt the amount of hurt in it with him with all my heart that we can still live in a way that will honor him and make him proud somehow live up to that impossibly high standard. What was it about? Doc that everyone everyone felt this immense sense of loss. You know I think what it was. Is that this man. He was the epitome of perfect. He was the definition of an ace. You just thought he was infallible. And he wasn't because no one is and I do think that that is something that Brandy holiday. His his widow has tried to stress in the years since that. Everybody struggles with something and in the end. It's hard to to grapple with now because royalities legacy is that he was the guy that you wanted with the ball in a game seven but in reality he he struggled in his own mind to be that guy. He didn't think that he had done enough to be that guy. He didn't think he was good enough. And it's just. It's just hard to to know that there weren't enough people around Him who knew this that he had these struggles or there weren't enough people around him to tell him that he was doing enough on finally Matt. We go back to the perfect game that we are remembering today and you you said earlier that you know in many ways Roy Halladay. The man was clearly flawed. But Roy Halladay. The player was was perfect. You know he pitches his game. He goes on to pitch a no hitter in the playoffs when you think of his legacy what role does that perfection do those no hitters play in in the legend of Roy Halladay. Ooh It really did provide you know the apex of his career. I'm glad that had happened when it did with the.

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