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True is not here today You're stuck with me. I am John sending Spencer helping me out on the phone. Call me way got packed phone lines for today's game. Got to be repeated in and with wicked. All right, Here's how we're doing it today. The name of the game is avo collar or really life baller. If some of you know there are a lot of people out there, it amazes me every day the amount of new new listeners we have to the show. That some may not even know who the late great avocado rocker even wass. Avocado was a man and I'm not probably the best to give the breakdown of who he was. So I'll just tell you what I know about him. He loved this radio station Mohr than most. He I believe was blind. He wore a miner's light on his head. 99% of the time. Hey, like to call Every show. Usually multiple times there was a you know the past wasn't so kind. The story of avocado Even when I was screening phone calls here on Drew grab alive, he would call 500 times. The show. He was, though he is a nightmare for anybody who is screaming phone calls that being said, I think deep down inside the avocado rocker was a sweet man him. Andrew had Ups and downs like you wouldn't believe. I think I don't know if Drew would admit it, I think deep down Drew loves, loves and loved avocado rocker he was hard to deal with. At times. I think one of the last things that he did that pissed. Everybody off, was he He went somewhere to a restaurant and started to demanding tickets or telling them that he was on a list. Ah, that he was never was on and that really ruffled a lot of feathers so he would do things he would do things like that. So I'm going to play for you. A short snippet that will be of Drew's voice. Drew Grabow, the host of this show. You will tell me if his voice of those words were part of it. A call from Avocado rocker or from an interview. With a really life baller, which would be a rap artist, Avo the collar or really life baller. Thank you for calling Drew. Grab alive. Do you think you understand the premise of the game? Oh, yeah, I got it, Do you? Ah, do you? Did you listen, when avocado was a fixture on the station? Do you know who he is? Oh, yeah, For sure. Yeah. What was your take on him? I don't know. I know what people that work here. Think. What did you think of him when he was alive, and let's try not to disparage the dead. Interesting character. Huge fan. Ah, no. Yeah. Okay. Medicine, man type crazy, Patty. Okay, I'll take them. All right. That's it. That's a solid eulogy. Thank you very much. I appreciate that. All right? I will play this clip. You tell me if this is an avo collar or a riel Life baller. Look going to OK, Hold on. Joe's is a test. That was just a test. Here we go looking to get turned up. Maybe they were already getting turned up. Malveaux collar or really life baller. That might have been even the hanging twins Baller man. Oh, looking to get turned up. Maybe they were already getting turned up in the parking lot beforehand, ready to rejoice and celebrate a great era of rap music, right? They looking for us? So we gotta think about it. They're coming. All of you are absolutely I got to say if there was a way for you to get extra points, you would have got them because that most certainly wass. The union twins. A really life baller. Okay, You got one, my friend. You've got to get to MME or to get hooked up with a prize..

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