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Rebels out to the west on route to respond it's temporarily closed at a crash after route one ten one eleven and Harvard solid for more than two miles getting up to that around downtown on the liver connector outbound it's all loaded up to a crash in the right lane before the exit to route one in the Tobin bridge as a result of that store drive eastbound jam for mass have through the leopard circling on to the connector outbound inbound liver connector is backed up and to end on the expressway south bound pockets of congestion from downtown to deposit north on his pockets from granted have passed Columbia road than busy getting into the oatmeal tunnel north of the city route three north bound is stopped for arm root out from before drum hill to a crash before route forty in Chelmsford one twenty eight south is slow from Salem street to route ninety three David Struff Pelino WBZ traffic on the threes and in five twenty for the four day WBZ accu weather forecast from meteorologist Frank strife he'll stay unseasonably mild tonight mainly cloudy and windy with about fifty seven we'll see showers around toward daybreak and into the first part of tomorrow research moral clout to break for sun that remain unseasonably warm and windy I'll be sixty six that'll easily break the dates record of sixty one it'll turn colder tomorrow night mainly clear with less wind that'll be thirty two Monday you'll see sunshine it'll be quite a bit chillier but still above average for early January I'll be forty what Tuesday looked to be mostly cloudy with behind forty six nine accu weather meteorologist Frank straight WBZ Boston news radio still breezy out there and we have sixty six degrees.

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