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And social justice Because that's something that Ben and Jerry are really involved in. So you can listen anywhere. You find podcasts or at your last meal podcast dot com Or you can text 98973 the word Ben and we will text you the episode just text Bend to 99 73 Rachel Bell. Thank you, Rachel. Thank you. 8, 53 and traffic. Here's for Sullivan. And we're finally really kind of winding down on what has been an overall Friday. Like kind of day. The late weather push really kind of kind of messed things up the last hour so but overall not too bad, I mean, finally, the showers have moved out of the five corridor and 167 corridor in the Years County area, So we're back down to about a 35 minute trip from Puyallup up into renting so pretty good there. There's a little hesitation through Pacific but not too much to worry about the rest of the Bellevue Drive's still chugging along in about 30 minutes, there is slowing to get through legitimate slowing through the S curves before it eases off. Better way to Seattle is looking really good now, 30 minutes real time there on that drive and back down to under 15 minutes from South Center in Seattle. So even the late slowing you get the into the heart of downtown Seattle is moved out of the way out of the north, and we're still looking good ever to Seattle ever to Bellevue, looking at 30 minutes real time across the lake. We're still doing great. Nothing out of this A quarter out of the Redmond area. So all in all, we made it through a pretty good Friday guy Radio. Real time traffic on the threes. I'm Chris Sullivan. And the weather. The just in case you hadn't heard by now the computer is predicting a snowflake of mine is just a single snowflake. There could be more coming along with it. For.

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