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So it has a significant health and mental impact on the question would be well, then just have them go to bed early. Neil adolescence the middle school and high school children their brains are different so melatonin gets released later in the in in children. And also the pressure to fall asleep is less. So it's harder for them to fall asleep at night. So they can't go to bed earlier just physiologically different. So it's about the rhythms of their their circadian rhythms. That more than about specific times or numbers of hours sleep. Well, the circadian rhythms are very critical, and that's right, John. They have a different circadian rhythm than we do. But the amount is important too. So if you're going to bed later because your physiology forces at then you're getting up earlier, you're not getting the sleepy me some advice. You have parents who are say, I know this is true. I can totally see it in my kids. But how can I help them get more sleep? Well, what you can do is stick to a regular schedule. I wanna make sure they're getting at the same time on the weekends and weekdays because L set the circadian rhythm, believe it or not. And if they're having problems with with don's is our. Popping out of getting teenagers to not sleep. Yeah. I mean, we make up for dinner if we're lucky weekends. It's hard. But it's the one thing we can change. So if you can control that schedule it's really important, and you know, as we go to bed at night take away the electronics, make sure try and get them to bed earlier. Don't let them sit up on the phone texting their friends. That's that's a problem. You met a teenager. Dr. That is Dr Carol ash talking on CBS this morning WW J news time, four forty four. We'll check sports. Now time for sports on NewsRadio nine fifty w w j the one one ground ball to short scooping it up the shortstop good room needs to toss over to. I to Jimmy Ducey in the Tigers take game two and there's three game series of the Chicago White Sox five run second inning the difference in the game big nights, Grayson Greiner, Nico, Mikey. Ma took our final score the Detroit Tigers eight in Chicago White Sox three Dan Dickerson with the call over ninety seven one. The ticket Mikey Maatouk. Hit a two run home run rookie, Grayson Greiner drove in three runs as Francisco Ariana one for the first time in over four months your final again, Detroit over Chicago eight to three game three against the White Sox later tonight at eight ten over on ninety seven one the ticket Jordan Zimmermann with the star for Detroit against Chicago's Michael kopech, turning to the tennis court defending champion, Rafael Nadal shockingly was. Shut out in the first set of his US open quarterfinal before coming back to beat number nine C. Dominic dean in four hours and forty nine minutes. It was only the fourth time in two hundred eighty two career grand slam matches that in the Dow lost a set by a six old score. It's the first time he won that match after that kind of start. And Serena Williams moves on she the twenty three time grand slam champion has moved into the semi-finals with a six four six three victory over eighth seed Carolina, plus Cova, this will be Williams's twelve semi-final appearance at the open Michigan state head coach Mark dantonio says his team did some good things against Utah state. But there are some areas they need to work on very well possession time. We have a lot of third down in short conversions had nine times went third third down short, which is sorta uncommon in this day and age so. Control the possession time three seven minutes. Got some big plays. A lot of explosive plays ten explosive plays on the days. Well, offensively so Spartans are wanna know. And we'll take on Zona next Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. Meantime says despite the wolverines starting the year Owen one with the loss to Notre Dame. They have not lost their confidence this season. Everybody inside of our team blazing each other and believes in in. The team believes in each other and stressing the importance of going from one week to week wander. We to Michigan will look to.

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