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That i want them to explore more that it was only a few moments when he kloppers kevin kevin owens gives it everything he has every single time it's amazing and then when he ran into that ladder that whoever to two of them were holding right when he ran through entities right in the middle of like that the best i think kevin owens he's so he's a future holler holler famer hollow famer hall of fame if you him play i he's really he's so good and i think he'll be in the company well after he stops wrestling he just he's got that what is it what was that guy is avi heenan he's got a bobby heenan quality to them now just just noting different people from the wall when now i'm not usual suspects thing i mean he's a real he's a real terry funk ric flair at no no and no vince is you know he's a real yeah i know i don't know van says posters of little people wrestlers many many they look like trading cards or something grand nicolay yep i just i think i think you know kevin no does that painting going up i don't like that it's there it's time is that a printers at the original print to pregnant i didn't realize that it was going to be a print that was stretched not very well so i have a frame but i don't know if it's going to fit in there things are in motion things are in motion cool man ticket to a framing place now i mean i have the frame oh i just don't know if it's gonna fit because i didn't realize how yeah anyway that boxy kind of thing need to go to michael do stretched very well if you if i can show you what to do a michael's coupon situation where you can get like tom sibley are if you ever want to rip off michael's the people at michael's taught me how to do it because they honor coupons from anywhere they'll match them i want to stick to aaron brothers on the air brothers recipe's or they're gone yeah they arose dicks to me when i went in there they were always great to me while you're not as some at an artist practice mela on me yeah i come in there covered in pain i'm a lay person tortured smoking cliff cigarette and they're like campuses are in the back i'm like i know any who's als yeah i think kevin owns is going to is a future hall of famer and how much of an exceeded you watch none none not a moment i didn't get a chance oh man kind of slipped my mind and i am sorry so all the guys who used to be when you used to pwg every month that were there that fucking tag match that opened the show holy shit who is it between betwixt undisputed era which is kyle riley roderick strong and then on the outside of the ring adam cole baby and then they were wrestling with shitting grim the shittiest and he wasn't resting adam cole now he wasn't on the show for whatever reason was he in his rain gear well i mean he was on the show in that he was seconding the tag champs seconding that means he was there for like support but he wasn't rushed to be in the match right until he was a decade for for for stigmas adam giddings stakes to prize from him just eaten shit against only larkin and danny burch oni larkin used to be known as biff buzek yes you remember him as coming out to pennywise yes bro hymn bro hymn nice i mean if you're gonna come out to pennywise do you think any kid ever came out to their parents as gay day like came downstairs the kitchen table put on bro him on cd and just in front of his parents then explain that he's gay you're out of control understand that you're out of control.

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