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In the father of Kentucky secretary of state Alison wonder Grimes was found guilty on all counts in a federal trial over illegal contributions he was found guilty of ten counts related to his daughter's unsuccessful run for U. S. Senate in twenty fourteen against Mitch McConnell undergoing a former state lawmaker has been a prominent figure in the state's Democratic Party for decades political consultant Dale Evans was also convicted of six charges will have more on this at for governor Matt Bevin challenges his November opponent on abortion in a new video abortion becoming a big part of the race between Bevin and Attorney General Andy but share this morning the governor laying down a challenge for Bashir the question I have for Attorney General Bashir do you stand with Planned Parenthood do you stand with the fact that they are trafficking in human body parts or will you stand with the people of Kentucky and condemn this reprehensible behavior you ought to answer the people of Kentucky a spokesman for the Bashir campaign asked if the governor has any evidence of the claims are of the run verified citing the governor's unverified claim that someone kills themselves on the casino floor every day will Clark news radio eight forty WHAS a statement from bush your campaign spokesman says Matt Bevin is once again trafficking in dangerous fringe rhetoric anti bush your supports roe V. Wade which includes reasonable restrictions especially on late term of procedures an LAPD officer is injured in a crash that happened during a police chase in the east in. a police spokesman Dwight Mitchell says it started after a person was robbed at gunpoint around nine thirty this morning your English station road originally.

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