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Missing twenty three month old Cumberland county, boy ends with the discovery of his remains the toddler's mother has been charged with murder. Johnny depp. Elizabeth Warren officially joining a rounded build a democratic presidential hopeful she announces her bid to run for the White House in twenty twenty. This suburban home has everyone talking. You can thank it's sex dungeon basement for that. I'm Andrew Kramer in sports the flyers get back in the win column. Dumping the Anaheim, ducks sixty two also a handful of local college basketball teams in action Saturday will run down the scores in a bit. It is clear and twenty eight degrees going down to eighteen overnight. Good morning. I'm Dan wing. Top story at twelve. Oh, one a search for a missing Cumberland county toddler ends with the discovery of that child's remains early Saturday morning. There has been arrested as we hear from KYW's. John mcdevitt, thirty say twenty four year old and a cure Greider bridgeton so police Friday night, her twenty three month old son was kidnapped the child abduction response team bridgeton police the county prosecutor's office, New Jersey state police park. Police bloodhounds were all involved in the search then about eight and a half hours later. The toddler's remains were found in the yard of grinders. Woodland drive home. The child's mother has been charged with first degree murder second degree endangering the welfare of a child. Second degree desecration of human remains and fourth degree tampering with evidence officials say no additional rest are expected. John mcdevitt, KYW NewsRadio. Twelve o two. We check traffic.

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