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Down the dial about how joe doggett and he and i formulate came up with a plan to fish on super bowl weekend fish baffin bay on super bowl weekend because that was going to be the least crowded weekend on the water ever recorded probably now think it very well may have been the reason doggett and iin cliff fish super bowl weekend is because he had missed the previous weekend when cliff and i had absolutely lit up those giant trout just absolutely let them up and he opted instead he was invited i call him i said hey man cliff says it's going to be really good and you might want to consider jumping on no no he says i it's going to be rainy and cold and others don't think it's going to work and a lot of you will remember me telling on him that what he did instead was opt for a blind date that didn't turn out nearly as good as that fishing trip but we did go back the next weekend we did take another run at it and unfortunately the trout were not nearly so cooperative not nearly so cooperative happens mike ways in talked sally ann arbor this past week it's farhi expo shuttle picture of my best trout seven a quarter twenty six and a half said they felt pretty comfortable that they could beat that by coming down fish baffled with him some day soon that would be a good idea hoon that would be cool mike says an i'm telling yet there's a place you're going to do it and people you're going to do that with mike that's probably where you need to head the in this year turning out to be a pretty good year for numbers of big trout down that way as well so if you still get on the books he might want to just jump ride on that you might want to just jump right on that oh there was one more fun fact know until all we are these these make me wonder about the and i'll be curious to see if they do this survey again in a couple of months depending on the outcome of the game tomorrow abe if it's especially if it's just a runaway a new survey gay people list of important life events asked that they be willing to skip them if they had.

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