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Well going hand in hand with that. And i don't know if it's necessarily number two. And i couldn't agree more is they've got the qualifications but do they actually know what they're doing like qualifications is one thing but secondarily perpetual student. Yeah for sure. Are you a perpetual student. But actually don't implement anything so we're very much ready fire. Aim kinda company here or or we operate so we get the qualifications and we'd go do stuff and that's really where i think the third most important thing is is experience really like how do you apply those qualifications yet. You've got the badges yet. You're staying on track with everything and you're doing the continuing education. That's great you're at the tip of the spear but then as a cmo vp of marketing director of marketing. Like how do you figure out whether or not they actually have the experience in a corollary to that and a lot of companies asked. This is like do you have experienced in my industry Which is a tricky one to answer. And it's not necessarily the one that you would think. Yeah that one's non-linear. I'm going to split this apart. And then you and i might end up fighting rough. I don't know you should be able to do this. All the time on the podcast. You'll say oh. It's like this customer. It's like this client is like this campaign is like this account. When you've been doing this long enough you should be able to draw correlations from your experience in a way that becomes very organic in terms of my ability to perceive what it is. You're you've done so you can ask about experience of course but i don't like these people give you like the fifty thousand foot view all we've been doing this for fifteen years. I don't care actually might work again. I've been wages. He's been around for fifteen years. And i just realized this year i was talking to my business partner was like you know that might not work well in our favor from a brand perspective because that just means old like oh y'all just old and you do all things the old way..

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