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The i ever since she let's be real she's she she is she can do whatever she wants as far as i'm concerned she can do whatever she wants if she wants to walk around with fyke harpo marks glass and mustache on her lowered rv events it grabbed two time i say her what did i say said harpo harpool marks groucho marx anc you kadhimain curse groucho marx glasses with the mustache on her lower derby and that's all co for she's been through a lot she's the greatest singer in the world and she's frenchcanadian and she is frenchcanadian which means the kinda are kind of sexual and french needs are very sexy people i did not know the stereotype about french kennedy i don't know if it's a stereotype but the only frenchcanadians i've ever met that are very sexual sexually peep i don't wanna see sexual because at sam third they're in touch with their sense there john kerry they've got that euro thing of like my body is my body wanna touch it you know what i mean i apologize to all the residents of quebec foyer fears bradley traders in any way back and i don't remember anybody offering a touch my body no i don't actually know that but i but i i just feel like she is entitled to be as a second does he want to the would like we'll have you seen some of the aisle fits and she's been wearing in france she wore this tracksuit i think the side of the pants said woman or something and early huge baggy sweatpants they probably cost more than your house she's walking around and what she's doing over there like i said hokka tour weaken apparently he shopping for new costumes for her vegas show his vote magazine the like you to know that she performs a minimum two hours a night five or six nights a week she dances curtseys and generally gesticulating sons abondoned in handmade ahead on the other sons of undone yes sons the band of oh sans abandon i was like fact is that china the fancy french signs and sorry radley gone with unknown ah i thought you're seeing some about a bandana now i'm trying to be fancy in french i thought that what we were doing is only all working franz no she is kind of a hamas and i.

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