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You know he is for me because we just don't know if he was pitching regularly more so than the ones that week the the sunday otani point you know i i would be much much higher on him so i was hesitant because i didn't know that that's what translate the big leagues i was wrong on that clearly every time he takes the mound there's that you know no hitter potential she's great but if he's not going to be used then for being points league especially if a weekly lock and i'm not even sure if he's gonna pitch that week it's really hard for me to rank all that high now throw into the fact that he might even get the at bat with because if they're worried about his list or they might not let him hit either and they might just put them on the deal and you know they come back and ten days and we'll deal with it so his value that you know two way player also takes the hit if he's suffering from blisters as far as i'm concerned it's it's hard to gauge agree it's just not pitching enough and we've also seen him not hit as well of late so i'm a little bit concerned here we have a trade and my first thought when i saw the john jay was traded to the diamondbacks was had nothing to do with john j i thought this comes twenty four hours after we find out that eighty pollock another great aj of course his thumbs not recovering as quickly as diamondbacks thought it might i thought now he's gonna be out to the allstar break this is going to take even longer for ag pollock and or stephen susan to resume the arizona clearly needed an outfielder and john jay's capable it's three hundred gets a lot of singles he can defend you don't want them in a fantasy league but my thought here was this is probably not good for those investing in pollock they want him back anytime soon do you have any thoughts on john jay in a points league it's a lot of hits i mean he should play regular he should lead off maybe he'll score some runs goldschmidt looks better but i you know to me this is about politics susan well you know just for john himself i think moving to zona 's gonna probably you know.

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