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The paragraph that really resonated with many was you wrote? White people have been socialized to abort and fear blackness. Interview Racism as an individual prejudice and not a systematic constrict. Yeah, yeah, yeah I really understood that on a deep level because I'm from I'm from a upper middle class. Neighborhood of Portland Oregon corrupt, going to private school, my whole life there was not a single black Katie my grade from kindergarten through eighth grade. Wow, my first black's friend was in high school You know I just wasn't expose. To that growing up and you know when you're young and you're in that environment. To you know your your parents, your teachers how to? Do their part to you know, make you well rounded and make you appreciate other cultures and I. Remember in Elementary School. You know when you're first. Talking about racism and you're talking about. It's always you know the nineteen sixties civil rights movement talking about Martin Luther. King I I have a dream speech and what I'm realizing now as I get older. Is that I that being my I really only. Context for the African American experience for a lot of my adolescence. Mentally I went to a place while I thought that's in the past. That, is something really bad happened. That you know was was was a really more of a you know part of the era than anything and I think I didn't fully. Understand until I got older. You know how everything happened back then still resumes today. And why resonates today and I? Even in college, I minored in sociology and all these things and. I still feel like I'm just now starting to to understand what you wrote about that. Because I do think. a lot of white people still look at racism as individual prejudice They don't look at it as anything bigger than you know those individual biggest who say bad things. The black people they don't see it as a systematic. Issue in America and So that I found myself rereading that that paragraphs several times just because..

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