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Yeah that that's kind of appointments activity. The more important thing is water all the ways from this minute. Moving forward where you can be conscious of always opening more regions. You always letting other voices need. How how can you find the next rec- on riot an funding and the access on whatever it is that you are able to bring riot to empower somebody to tell their own story. I have to say last night. I watched a associated Share so You know staggering. Lack of representation of iranians are screens. Right my own. A forty eight pushing forty nine. It's just a handful in less than a day. I could sit and watch fat end to end. Who representative since. I've ever seen right so you know we live with this. This is the world we are stuck in these identities aware stuck in the system. That treats us how it treats us. And and you know So it's just a health interrogation for other people like What what do i not know right. You know what you know but what do you not know about the other side. The experience continue to do better. You may have been a student. How become an a plus. Yeah i mean look. It's an interesting moment. in the end. One set of people have now been involved not say silent in these paradigms and That's gonna make people uncomfortable. But the suddenly they're hearing things have been thought not said previously. And you can't squeeze that stuff back in the toothpaste you and so. We're going to have to find a way as a community of people to reconcile used Another thing that sandy said in that conversation which has stayed with me is he said there's just enough of a home or few of us have managed to claw our way through. The there weren't any of us we'd look around like what now on. Why are all these people white. But he's like this just enough of us that people can say well what about sandy nelson about don porter right That that is the situation that we're in enough. What about but that that we can say. Well the horses representation riot but Outside of the structures of traditional white documentary are these thriving communities one of which grace founded and an eight up rostock mafia finalize..

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