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Hey. You got him with this one down. So. Let's take him bed. Come on. Hey remember back. In the summertime when Salvator Gut. So boy. That the heat from st almost meltsa flip flops. New shoots and leaves. You were hosing socks. A city slickers Davis Novotna spots. Of Worn. Off The now. I'll be used. Or do data future, fathers, potential parents and everyone else tune in, and this is dad. Heart with a pie cast as always our and your host. Green Happy Quarantine God I will be happy when I can stop saying that everything is back open and back to usual, but until then it is going to continue to be happy quarantine because if you aren't staying happy then. It's GonNa. Get you down on real real real fast, so got to stay positive during these times. What is going on parents and do data's and future fathers and everybody? Does Not appear it. How are you doing? This is episode. Forty, the big four. Oh, does Shawn Kemp episode. If you will, you thought I forgot about the best player references because I didn't have one for heavy, thirty, seven, thirty, eight, thirty, nine, but alas. I did not. I have it number forty. This is the Sean Kemp. and. Welcome is weak cheeses. It is week like forty eight of data for me on my four weeks away from being a year in into his dad process and it is crazy. But before we jump into that as a ways to connect on a fatherhood, brother to the email at data, pod, go dot, com, follow us on, Instagram at Dad, hard part and check out the website. We are dot com, and if you're on facebook. FACEBOOK DOT com slash dad hard pot before we jump into this episode. I want to thank my guest from last week. Mr Wong is a mild The second time I've had a evolution of a expecting that WHO has now turned into an actual dad be on the show. The first one was my main man pan. Corrigan wrong was was the second his his daughter just turned a month old. And we talked to him about his experience and always love talking to Ruby, because he always flipped the script on me and turns me into the interviewee, so he can take advantage of getting some data advice in this world what he's on, and I have no problem given doing so check that out. That was interesting especially. If you're new dad, that's that's in his. Timeframe of fatherhood you know. He definitely ask some really good questions and Kinda got some insight at least for me about what we did with my daughter. And, that's pretty cool. Second Time we've done that, so that's always a cool thing, and and hopefully helpful as a as a guiding light. Not Tell anybody how to parent. Their kids I can only tell you what I did, and so far seems like at work, so you know if you WANNA check out Joe definitely jump back in episode thirty nine and I'll thank you again Mr Root for coming on. This is actually music month as I declared last week here on that with the podcast where I'm going to full month of music oriented guests on the show. This week is no different as my guest is the band yacht rock review I don't want to coma..

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