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He wants to use every bit of full time to get his judicial nominees through. So I wouldn't be surprised to sort of ground swell on the hill. But I'd be surprised if Mitch McConnell lips of thing to help it happen within that caucus that kind of rump of traditional GOP foreign policy feeling how should we think about what this ultimately means for the CIA and the people who were kind of told, hey, go find out what happened? They find out what happened and the response from basically from their boss or their bosses bosses. Yeah. Thanks for that. I don't care. Well, it's the first time, you know, this is now a passion I was in the room with Trump and pollution in Helsinki at that press conference when the president stood and credited Pusan's denial over the findings the consensus findings of the US intelligence community. So it's not like this is some aber into vent that. Never happened before. This is a Pathan either cover the CIA. So I haven't spoken to rank and file CIA operative. So I could only speculate, but there's certainly been reporting and other outlets that US intelligence professionals of very discouraged by by what's going on. And you can understand what absolutely doesn't thank you so much and have a good thanksgiving tonight. Thanks Jonathan swan national political reporter for axios. My final two right after this access chief technology correspondent Dana free shares. Breaking news and analysis on the most consequential companies and players tech from the valley to DC subscribed to get smarter faster at sign up dot axios dot com and now back to the program podcasts. Now for my final two. And I up is Mark Zuckerberg who last night fired back at Facebook's critics in an interview with CNN a lot of the criticism around the biggest issues has been fair. But I do think that if we're going to be real there is this bigger picture as well. Which is that we have a different worldview than than some of the folks who who are covering this Zuckerberg was in word defiant, and that included when it came to a question about whether he'd be willing to step down as chairman Facebook a role that he holds in addition to being CEO, he's said, no, he's not going anywhere, which means we should expect the critics to begin digging in even deeper and finally something to consider in the context of increased political polarization, and our fears that they may rear their ugly heads during tomorrow's thanksgiving feast. So we all know, the basic story of the first thanksgiving between the pilgrims and the native Americans of Plymouth, Massachusetts. But the actual holiday owes its existence to ABRAHAM LINCOLN centuries later, but the urging of a magazine editor named Sarah Josefa. Hale Lincoln, turn thanksgiving from a small event celebrated at different times in different regions into a national holiday believing that the country in the midst of civil war needed what he called a day apart, basically one day leave our differences at the door. And celebrate what binds us rather than what divides us, and we're done. Thanks for listening and to my producers, Adam Grassi and Tim show. Vers have great national jukebox day yet. It's not thanksgiving quite yet. And we'll be back on Monday with another pro rata podcast.

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