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Here with more. Of America's First News sitting US congressman was arrested and charged along with his son. In an insider trading case New York Republican Christopher Collins legislate told his son to sell shares in, a pharmaceutical. Company where he was a board member before news of a failed trial caused stocks. To drop US attorney Jeffrey Berman. His son Cameron sold cameras fiance sold the father of the Zarzusky sold Mr. czar skis wife sold other friends and relatives sold the indictment says the tip save the younger Collins and friends some. Seven hundred fifty thousand dollars prosecutors in Paul. Manafort's financial fraud trial are running ahead of schedule and, expect to rest their case, Friday eighteen witnesses of testified in the former Trump campaign. Chairman trial including longtime Manafort deputy Rick, gates gates wrapped up his stint on the hot seat yesterday after acknowledging he embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from Manafort. And carried on. An extramarital affair and arrested what. Are the massive wildfire is burning in California fifty one year old forest Clark has been booked in connection with the holy fire that spurned twelve, cabins and lead to some evacuations this shouldn't be called the holy Jim fire this should be called the holy hellfire Orange County supervisor Todd Spitzer who says Clark reportedly warned in an Email. To a. Local fire chief this place, will burn to the north the Three hundred thousand acre Mendocino complex fire is still listed. As forty-seven percent contained but Cal fire reports some. Progress on the front lines they're using a lot of helicopters. Aircraft to.

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