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No i loved allowed to laugh well i mean it doesn't matter it doesn't matter i've been saying it from the very beginning if we win we'll move up if we lose we'll moved out i mean it's it's not the end of the road there's what one two three four for us we got at least four games if you count of bowl and maybe a fifth game uh if you get into the acc championship you know so there's a lot of games between now whenever all that stuff gets decided so you know there's no reason to i mean you get bad if you want you know but i mean what goods are going to do is semi let's let's focus on trying to do the one thing we can control and that's try to win cox i think one of the great match ups this week is the way your defense has been playing and that notredame offense of line josh adams gets a lot of the recognition book when you turn on the film men that notre dame offense of line has been outstanding maybe the best working unit in the entire country has one what are you see when you have i wait those guys up front well you got two starters that are probably there left guard left tackle probably be the first pick in the draft of their position then he got a right guard that are seniors and then you have a sophomore at right tackle but you know these guys are mahler's you know you you don't when you get over 300 george rushing the game normally who you're talking about air force saudi georgia armenia yet teams that you know that team air either team to do that that triple option football and if they have eighty plays they're gonna run at seventy two times you know what i mean notre dame's doing it with the balanced passing attack along with it and they're doing it and more traditional running style that's that's what's most impressive to me about it now when bush is a runner that guy is his.

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