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On in your life at that time well you know i was just trying to make a living in i was probably drawing maybe one hundred dollars a week you know out of the company and you know we we we still hadn't you know really garnered a large audience so it was a real struggle and then snl happened in nineteen seventy five when lawrence started a saturday night live in new york in you know which included john belushi and gilda radner dan aykroyd and i thought oh my god you know abc or cbs one of the major networks in the us is going to come up and steal my talent john candy and eugene levy and joe flaherty and you know so i thought oh my gosh i better start a tv show so with the encouragement of bernie salads from chicago at that time whose own chicago second city we started as tv with the support of my partner time lend stewart and went to global tv with thirty five thousand dollars and produced seven episodes and you finally got turn it turned second city toronto around into a business because of the tv show is that right yeah i think that it really helped the end credits i always had the old fire hall in the the tail of the credit so it was way to sort of expand the awareness of the old fire hall in the second city and you know just although the other side of that coin was that you know people would see tv show when they would come to the theater where the expectation they're going to see you know john candy or june levy or injury martin or who you know that cast and it was always it was always a bit of if you just tell people okay at the pictures where's john candy tonight so we had been education that we had to do with our audiences why feels like you're always managing expectations at some level because.

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