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An idea that up to then had been relegated to a niche home computer market an an only a fraction of that market and translated it beautifully to the concert experience and that's what dragon quest games are about taking role playings complexity and making it very fundamental palatable and enjoyable boring yeah that maybe check it out the best dragon quest's are five and nine for very different reasons five has the best story it's genuinely compelling at the beginning you're going to be like hey what is this just looks like every other j r g i played and then it takes some marvellous turns nine is very systems focused but in a non annoying way it's like you know this crunchy systems you love from rolling games what if we distilled them into a beautifully palatable instantly comprehensible near endless series of options that never felt overwhelming yeah that's why like about persona five is going on but by the time it's presented to you unofficial juggling a million different stats like it's pretty seems pretty straightforward you're gonna like dragon quest okay five five is a good place to start okay and nine if systems to the most of them are good frankly from verne's number one one five four hello hosts my squad up its squad up is for destiny to pc and more specifically my new clan the anti scrub movement or asm large collection of multiple clans end of the same name in the north american and european regions we have a discord that even if you don't wanna join our clan has many active peeve pd and raid l f g channels she can get things done the distance you population is a bit sparse on so i wanted to extend a helping hand to my hella pc guardians who have problems finding groups in find on the klan recruitment pages or contact me on battle net i'll send you link all right finally ladies and gentlemen one of those rotating segments jared gets salty now offered today to pass the salt to gary west sometimes you play your dinner you pass the salt to someone he sure you don't want to take the past.

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