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Fuck you work were the first fuck you of the week goes to kaitlan jenner i'm glad you you are republican in so far as you can run a business may not be tax that much until someone comes for your fuck inhumanity congratulations un from being on the cover of vanity fair to being to being a garbage heap what else dooley a bully a bourbon last week the heiress of the the bullet fortune she has been called the first lady of bourbon she was the global brand ambassador for bullet an she is a lesbian and she is married to a woman named share bshare share now not bshare i wish shia posted on facebook fat her family basically disowned her for bringing her wife around an as now like ousted from the bullet family ousted from the bullet business so yeah don't fire your family for being lesbian fire your family for marrying someone name share rip boulia next a boy in connecticut woke up with a surprise in his bed at what was sitting next to him a skunk in his ban would we see has some one that's what i say we see as someone who keep as bad warm stop complaining you piece of shit he brought in the garbage cans from outside in the skunk was in it and they didn't notice and then he just climbed out and then climbed oath at their house and then got into the little boy bed.

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