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President and you're interacting. Agenda, Noah Jaising capable of lying can't lie. She can't the problem. The start you decided just to said you're going to run for president now. Everybody's taking seriously. Well, I started doing research on government, and I realize, wow, I mean, this is not that much different than my family life can run this country. I'm in, I wouldn't you have my vote official. Thank you. Okay. So I know Tiffany Atta. She has no filter, she'll so great in this movie. It's a crime drama, written by this woman. It's her directory debut. Andrea birla. It's based on the graphic novel of the same name kitchen. Do know Donnie a little bit bit. I think they take over for their from their husbands, the wives of Irish mobsters takeover organized crime operations in the nineteen seventies in New York City's hell's kitchen after the FBI arrest there, which kind of reminds me of widows finally watched on the on the plane. That was good movie. So anyway, Margo Martindale is in it coming. It's kind of a big casting out August night. We posted the trailer today on the Laurien jazz show. It looks good. It looks it does. So here is Ellen asking about, I guess, Melissa McCarthy filled in for Ellen little big shots. They were showed it to my girls. And I was like host Alan show, guys, kind of a big, you know, we'll watch it and then put it up when Ellen.

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