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How're you doing my friend? On the show. Great show. Thank you. My two cents that Maloka club. And it was funny. The game comes starting to come on. And we're all making fun of it. Like we read about it. Didn't know anything about it. Like, you know, we just start watching the game and. It goes on for my two cents. Just John Doe. It's real football. I'm not watching ball bounce off that guys get tackled on the pad and we own out of bounds. It's not gimmick. It's it's real football competitive. Now, it's not the NFL. But what I watch it more often Shorewood. I bet on it. Absolutely. Does it have a chance to maybe be something more? I think for the first time with all the other gimmick things they've come out with I think, so I guess my question to you is again, I don't know if there's Lee has an MVP or not. But my question to you is what percentage players in this league Landis fought next year. You know? Team. What's your thoughts on that? Hey, thanks for the call Danny in Pennsylvania. And you're kind of echoing what I said in my opening huge opinion that I really didn't pay attention to this. They didn't hype it a lot which is smart. I think on the part of the alliance of American football because they want to make sure the product is there the organization is there, and they didn't even CBS with the family of TV networks. There wasn't a lot of hype about the alliance of American football. Remember, the XFL told you this was going to be even better than the NFL and the kind of set the bar too. High smart move there. Now, I read that contracts are seventy eighty and one hundred thousand and the players can only leave for the NFL. So there's the movement Danny that you're talking about. And I just when they could only leave for the NFL in NFL network will carry a couple of games. I think this is fitting a partnership where the NFL will have the. Ability thing about this guy gets done with Boca and instead of the senior bowl or some of these all star games. Right. They're not as many as used to be that a potential. I'm not talking first rounders big money. Second third rounders, but these guys who could be fifth sixth seventh rounders free agents. They can go play with the American right? When they're done with college in January. They can go to the camp and try and make one of these teams and then show the NFL would they can do before you get to the draft at the end of April. You know, the the only thing I I look at the timing of it. And we just had football pre-season starting in July all the way through the first week of February. And I just wonder with the league be better after the draft in may and June. And and before you had training camps. Would it be better than in terms of appeal, and I get when the weather gets nicer there's more to do. But also how this fits my thinking, the NFL partnership that would be too close to a training camp preseason and guys physically just couldn't handle it here. They can play until the end of April, then go to TA's, which are a strenuous or they get invited as a free agent or signed. But I just wonder and then the XFL is gonna come in. And february. In two thousand and twenty so you can answer. I huge question of the night is there room for another pro football league in your life to watch that just that you just heard Danny and Pennsylvania. Is there you tell me one eight five five two one two four CBS. That's one eight five five two one two four two two seven Skoda coal in Arkansas, you're on the Saturday night. He'll show. All right. We lost coal, but we do have John fast with an update the other callers online gets you in a moment. Now, let's check in with John and get the latest in the world of sports. Sports flash. All right Bill. Biggest game of the night in the NBA.

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