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An assist on that final goal for Louisville city cans The hat, trick clinching goal against New York red bulls but it interesting to see Luke. Fresh off of injury, he actually just apologize team for what he perceived as playing poorly coming. On in the seventy. Fifth minute against New York red bulls. Last week but Luke is going to be making the starting, lineups so be interesting to see, how him and can't play off each other tonight yeah and you don't get a whole lot of, instances where Cameron Lancaster in Luke Spencer both start the ball game. So it'll be interesting to watch at least from striker standpoint you think Louisville city is. Pretty, well good to go in this ball game but like you said and like we mentioned in one. Of the earlier segments is Nashville Nashville SC pretty. Good defense that's exactly what I was gonna say I think that you see that just because of the starch the, starkness of this Nashville defense they've got. So much talent and they are kind as lining up with three center centrebacks excuse. Me Justin as they know what Louisville city. Is all about as well so it'd be interesting to, see how Checklist plays out over, the succeeding ninety minutes so both teams have made their way onto the field. The ball is in, the center circle it's going to be Louisville city starting out with they start. In their purple. Jerseys the white letters Nashville comes in. And the gold jerseys with the dark blue lettering along the, back so pretty easy numbers for, us to read tonight Kevin can't complain absolutely not as we have kickoff here as Louisville. City just, like I said is going to start out with it we'll see. How they pace things here early on Echinacea getting I touch laying back to Davis So many times in soccer it's about time of possession and in the beginning of the game. Is where you can establish time of, possession although in the US open Cup game that's a game that got scary towards the end of. That Nashville really started to control the tempo and now when they had a couple of really good shots, to try to not that thing back. Up it came right down to it didn't it. Was very end to end stuff is national they did get one back in the sixty eight th minute after we had gone to a previously almost clot one back there at. The death on a couple of different. Occasions so here comes Louisville city towards us our side of the field is it's going to be a takedown inside the box is a, good opportunity there as it was number, twelve Luke Spencer had a foot on it but. Couldn't quite keep coming together with. Valley Berge why didn't he is. Now city there's now giving away possession already not something you want to see. As Berge while. Getting a touch on it now Louisville city like I said coming towards. Us as we're up in the press box here in Louisville slugger. Field just at Galen alongside Kevin Garnett, about a minute into this ball game tonight regular. Season USSL matchup as Louisville city. Now in the middle of the. Field trying to work towards the goal majority of possession already so far for. City Cut towards the, middle good save by George Davis sliding it. Over to a teammate across in as. That's going to be a little too far. And skirt. Out of, our that was attended for Nile. McCabe on the far side of the post but couldn't quite hit his target interestingly enough I was Cam that served that one and I thought. I recognized it but I don't, normally see him that far he was right up against the touchline they're on the right side of the pitch so. Interesting interestingly enough that's where we're seeing him lineup, tonight is Luke, as we've already seen as been straightaway announce striker as it looks like, throw in is going to be awarded here to Nashville after that misplayed Cameron cross in. They tried to take a goal kick. Their as Matt Pickens at a ball, in his hand kicking down the field I thought that looked a little funny Come on. We started here it's still with Nashville As, they advance it up to the mid. Field line the local city waiting there for it see if they can't. Work it back to this side. Of the field good ball. Along the right. Side that's George Davis Davis trying to cut back towards the metal looks for a man. He beats one defender gets a ball in and had Cameron Lancaster there but Lancaster. Unable to get a foot on it making a around to, the boxes Cameron, and almost cut Ron to the front of that one and that's. What he's so good at making those right runs at. The right time it's almost there for Cam just three, minutes into. This, one just three minutes and, but you've gotta love the aggressiveness of Louisville city thus far they've definitely been the aggressor early on in this one they've controlled possession through the first three minutes making good Chris passes yeah we've seen hardly see them throw the ball away, to something they could be guilty of. Previously is now we're seeing work down the right side here as there. Was another ball attempting to get. To the middle Rightness curse with the commentator, never fails. Never, fails as said we talked about it at with coach John Hackworth what he's going to bring to the team is energy and we already see that manifesting itself here in the first five minutes of his reign Nial McCabe with it on, the left. Side of the field trying to work towards the middle. Big switch entrepreneurial here does go all the way across the Kyle Smith who goes back Louis city is absolutely dominating possession but natural not mind this. One bit as their organization is what they really. Hang their hat on the scary. Smith organized team is going to do well to defend. Against. This and not allow this penetrating passes although Lewis cities, are experiencing a bit of success you're working around the right side here's George Davis with a now on the. Right side yeah if you. Think back to that US open Cup game it was very similar to how this one's starting out at first half global, city controlled time of possession passing I was a good pass they're trying to get it into the box by Luke Spencer It's a short intermediate passes where Louisville city is earning their money here as they turn it over game boys. While they're on the ball. Caning it back to the Gaza and now I can Yoda Going to go the, left side of the field Echinacea on it He's got his hands full fighting off Cam as they do. Find a read now we'll city almost looks like they're taking a. Fence, losing Paul yeah it's been in a front here as the way they're taking their part. In the. Match, very physically indeed putting challenge in in all parts of the page here as even throw ins are being contested at for the city team and speaking. Of throw ins that's exactly what Nashville has right here right around the midfield line far side of the field Five minutes through this first half of play And the fourth meeting, of the sour mash soccer bash this season we'll the city. Has been the winner in two of them we did lose that one up in early may, or excuse me down early may in Nashville It's on the ball trying to get. One in but it's blocked out of bounds I believe that's going to be a throw in It is actually going to become the first, corner of the match you go. So this corner brought to you by Cattlemen's roadhouse KOMO earning that one they're against. Oscar the wingers the counterparts they're. Going at it as just near the end line as it does go out. For a corner I of the match so far I believe it's retaking, this one it's always hard to see. Those, corners down there you can never see the guy taken, the corner as it's going to be a good ball in but, headed away by Louisville city it's gotten its way back to read now another good ball in another. Good head away thereby. Louisville city dangerous, as there, has been. A fence in the box against I'm not sure some sort of city defender as that will be. The first foul of the game Cards stays in the pocket Yeah that's just one of those where you. Get into the opposition's box referees is going to call, a little bit closer new extend. Arms or anything like that it's, gonna call it pretty closely so fairplay to the referee, tonight who by the way his name's Ramey to Sean Ranjit Singh plays, the goal kick short as Louisville city working their way, back up the field now Dial McKay would had her, it's back.

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