Bill Maher, President Trump, Putin discussed on Bill O'Reilly's Free Podcast - O'Reilly & Bernie Goldberg Discuss the Crazy Media


So now let's get to the media which is totally falling apart from you heard about bill maher using the n word on his hbo program we'll win over the kathy griffin thing with the beheading of the president megan kelly was up against putin on sunday night on nbc or i uh her first program for them so let's bring in bernie goldberg who is our media watch a dog i'm not surprised at all the craziness because the anti trump hatred and you've you've labeled it trump derangement syndrome is now giving people a bold nece that they never had even with president bush the younger in is feel almost entitled to to be grove's when it comes to donald trump i totally agree totally agree i have not as you know bill i have not in a fan of this president non his policies have never criticised his policies it's his demeanor but what we're witnessing now is a feeding frenzy and a feeding frenzy has nothing to do with rational analysis it takes on a life of its own so that you can listen on i'll um a name the cable channel you can listen to msnbc and this is show on in the morning called morning joe and you could listen and i mean this literally for three hours five days a week and here nothing but bashing of donald trump now there must be there must be another point of view that they could bring on even as a foil to say and what do you think about that and have the first cnn.

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