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She's pretty quiet about this movie for awhile. And this was writer. Diablo cody's original intent. She thought it would be better as a ten part mini series type thing. Apparently this movie served as a visual inspiration for olivia. Rodrigue goes good for you. Music video which i haven't seen so i cannot serve me either either where everybody's clicked off us irrelevant now. We're absolutely relevant. But yeah let's go ahead and start with the plot jennifer's body as a two thousand nine horror movie directed by karen kasama written by diablo. Cody and starring megan fox as popular high school student jennifer who gets possessed by demon and goes on a killing spree of her male classmates and amanda ciphered anita or needy which is really on the knows her shy friend who tries to stop her of course and we have to pretend like she's not a hot girl who might just because he's had glasses she's not hot okay cool and the title comes from song of the same name by whole who was also featured in the soundtrack in graphic novel was released alongside the film by the way the soundtrack is pretty good. Especially if you have nostalgic moments early two thousand yeah in the soundtrack was very specifically chosen based on kind of this indie band. So so let's break down the fall a little bit more and talk about that. The story is told from anita's point of view who narrates the movie from solitary confinement where she is a violent mental patient and through flashbacks. We learned that. Even though nita anita i always want say she called needy and everything i read but anyway friends with jennifer. They have been friends growing up from a young age and devil's kettle minnesota which is great name. Anita calls them sandbox friends but they go onto nickname. each other. rogersville wanna start as high school. Anita is insecure something that jennifer selfish behavior only worsened. They're very co dependent on each other when they're in highschool jennifer convinces anita to come with their local spot to see a band named low shoulder. They are very like imo kind of trying for this lake. Panic at the disco type thing so as they're watching this show a fire breaks out in the bar and needed tries and fails to keep jennifer from going with the band. Actually i forgot about anita over. Here's the conversation with the van members trying to be like she averted. Yes she asks lutely lever alone Jarrett's yeah. I also love that chris pratt pops in as as he pops up. And you're like what and then also jason's and playing his hilarious and amy sedaris playing the mom. This is an obvious. Move if you have those specific characters. You should be aware i guess. Maybe that's maybe that's a hindsight thing because we know them better now but whatever so later that night jennifer shows up a needs home covered in blood trying to scarf down chicken was she can't hold the food down on. Pugh said this black liquid dark black lakewood apparently has needles in it or something uh jennifer flees into the night after she asks her. Are you scared with needed. Was again trying to stop her but failing to do so and scoring away because she's also scarupa. Jennifer dismisses needs concerns the next day at school and seems to be okay as in fact glowing over.

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