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Yeah it was a sexy it was a sexy effect sexy is the word for it but it was something anyway it was really loud and then i think i became aware right away almost after i thought nick an ansel of this kind of alist supermodels squad then arrived so it was bella hadid and kendall jenner who are definitely the ringleaders of this squad and and they both looked amazing they both changed out of their met gala looks into i hesitate to call them casual dresses but they look more like in going out sort of short dresses kendall's at are on it bellas very kind of cool black look that was very revealing backless and they were holding court to the front bank pat sort of right when you walked in you saw them so i kind of hung out for most of the party up there and they're area became kind of the hotspot i would say gee gee had deed arrived and she got up there with them and at one point they hailed kind of an attendant walking around with flied irs and fries and then they brought the flatter than fries over to the deeds and candle and they really kind of each eating three fried right into a burger that was a highlight for me though definitely the supermodel eating the burgers also in their area with jaden smith who their buddy carly cloth came to pay hers specs i'm lee radic hausky friend of the podcast who we talked to a few weeks ago she came in i got to meet her husband sebastian.

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