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A fascinate productions podcast for drug science. Hello and welcome to. Another drug science podcast I'm David Naughton today. We've got the first of three podcasts that are looking at the issue. VETERANS PTSD trauma. In. America is Jesse Gould and in Britain Keith Abraham. Both of whom are working for a new charity called. Heroic Hearts, which has been set up to try to raise money to get as many vets and other first responders treated with psychedelics their PTSD. GonNa ask Jesse Jesse. Why didn't you say a bit about yourself and how you came to found to this this project? Of course pleasure to be here, professor. So I'm Jessica Gould, I'm calling in from the United States. I'm currently in Florida. My background is I was an army ranger, which is a special operations position in the US army and I served that number of years including some combat deployments to Afghanistan during my time. I learned La a served as leaders of thirty plus of the Rangers had a very profound. Profound experience and when I got out as ready to re tackle civilian in professional life, so I went back in to finance, but as around those times that I really started having to contend with mental issues that I tried to ignore for while, and tried to self medicate with alcohol, and and you know just no activity but just the dark cloud. Consumed me at a point to where I just realized I had to make a major change, and the US, as many other veteran affairs around the world, and just mental health in general, are obviously very limited in what they can provide, and through my own research, and through my own journey I found a substance called Iowa which is a psychedelic compound that comes from from the Amazonian cultures in South America, and just from their profound effects. It had for me and my life it was. Obvious that this information needed to be spread too much wider audience, including fellow veterans, and so that was the inspiration and the the origin story of her car project. Come out to your story on your journey in a in a minute. So Keith, so you think we're also looking for some really puts a little bit more about yourself and yeah I'm a British military veteran. In the Parachute Regiment for eight to nine.

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