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On the fives wjr weather center where their weather advisories just north of light precipitation around as we head through this morning some rain mixed freezing rainer light snow mixed in there some slick travel especially north lowercase otherwise as we head through today temperatures in the mid to upper thirty's all day well weather channel i'm meteorologist ray stagich on news talk seven sixty wjr hey thanks rate you know for the holiday season want you just take a second and tell you tell everybody here what you like best about me oh thank thank thanks ray it's a thirty four degrees fahrenheit y shout new the frank beckmann show news talk seven sixty wjr he is ml eric here filling in for frank beckmann and you know i like to look forward i like to like to look into the future some people call me swamy rick actually that's that's not true but do they were looking back because we have a wonderful wonderful book to tell you about with cindy gearing who is the director of the michigan state university archives and historical collection with tales from the archive untold stories at m s you this sounds like he could be a a scary book cynthia i know it's it's been collected but not to scary not even one little ghost story about mary male hall or anything like that were asked about that a lot maybe volume kills tell siegbert the third and the steam tells nothing like that uh you know all of them don't yeah why thought i did but of that this volume has thirty nine historical tales and some pictures and all kinds of just gems from the historical collection which covers is it all one hundred and sixty years of ms you history oh yeah yep while it from a lot of different perspective it what what are some of your favorites i love the early student life documentation uh we find i think every generation think they made up bad behavior on campus but the kids in eighteen ninety nine were getting in two plenty of trouble why would never be so arrogant to think a invented bad behaviour michigan state i would just say refined it it has pranks go any cow tipping stories no there are definitely agricultural element though.

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