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Police departments motorcycle unit got a rousing cheer as they escorted the duck boats down boylston straight fans screamed their hearts out once they spotted the emphasis vehicles carrying the likes of Robert Kraft. Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and Julia. Michael Robinson over brought his young son to see the victory parade and witness history in the making I pray. He's six years old. I think our windows closing. Before it's closed. I asked Michael son, which player he was the most excited to see other fans just wanted to get a glimpse of the Super Bowl MVP and his big bushy beard. Kim Tunnicliffe WBZ NewsRadio. Well, the weather was so nice today. Some fans and families designed it to stay in the city go boom in down here. There's people everywhere. It's great aren't. And there's people everywhere. Trying to get on the T. Let's go live to Carl Stevens. He's at nor station, and how big are the lines. Now carl. With the capital L, not quite as long as they had done. But they're pretty long. With the Exeter, New Hampshire. Can I ask you long? Have you been we're outside door station. How long you've been in line say about twenty minutes, twenty minutes a little over twenty minutes. Yeah. Most. Yeah. It's pretty long another twenty anyway, probably about an yeah. Whatever it's not exactly right. This was your first grade. Right. Correct. Yes. It was spring weather. What did you think of the day? What a day it was. It was it was awesome. You know? He really couldn't ask for a better day. Braid was great. I mean, these guys always put on a great show. Anyway, when they come through so. Really really helped out that explains. Thank you so much for your time. So he'll get on a train like everybody else. They get add extra train extra capacity. But this record demand today. A lot of people riding the trains, you still have to be patient. They're still pretty low Laurie. All right. I understand you have some good pictures of that Carl. Well, could is relative concept, but I can't tell you the pictures on my Instagram as well as Twitter account. If you want to see how the long lines are. You know pictures worth a thousand words right now, I'm gonna stop talking right now. So you could check out the lights on Twitter. All right, Carl. Thank you, by the way, if you're traveling on the pike eased expect backups throughout the afternoon. A big tractor trailer is flipped over upside down across the highway. This is right near the to ninety ramp. We also have heard from Auburn fire and rescue telling people stay away. No cars involved as we understand. But one person has been medflighted to UMass hospital with unknown injuries. We don't know the extent. But again, we're talking about the pike eastbound in Auburn. Let's go to our pro on the roads right now. Mike.

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