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Crew is trading weaker this morning off 1.3% and one 1907 That's a check of markets for a shot Okay let's check in now with the global news China is warning the United States and its strongest fashion yet over the risk of war over Taiwan and Baxter's in San Francisco Yeah amped up a bit risk China's defense minister wife funk who was saying that it is up to the U.S. to improve the bilateral relationship saying these are at a critical juncture and Bloomberg Steven engel reports so defense ministers language is stronger now Now it has been long that Beijing's a search and that Taiwan strait is part of China's exclusive economic zone However we're hearing from military sources that it is rarely brought up in military to military talks as a main talking point But increasingly now with the rhetoric ramping up the Taiwan strait is increasingly being called on as a no go zone for the United States by Beijing authorities And that is alarming U.S. defense officials Yeah the U.S. has sailed a straight for years U.S. seeking support in Asia over the weekend reassuring nations they do not need to join a coalition against China defense secretary Lloyd Austin saying the country should be free to choose free to prosper free to chart their own course He said there's no need to pick sides South Korea says it will boost its defense capacity to boost defenses against North Korea defense minister Lee Jong su saying that the situation on the Peninsula poses a global threat and then he says he wants to work closely with the U.S. and Japan U.S. Senate is apparently found a compromise over gun safety at least something that can pass the Senate Democratic senator Richard blumenthal and ABC says it can save some lives We now need to give it specific language and make sure that we save lives It's not everything we want but it will help save lives And that is the key measure of success here And how the bill includes giving grants to states to implement red flag laws which could potentially allow courts to remove guns from potentially dangerous owners and would provide for more school safety as well as a provision to stop to improve background checks for younger gun buyers and look into records of domestic violence Beijing and Shanghai have resumed mass testing as COVID cases rise Planned reopening of schools in the capital just days after the two ended social curves that have been in place for a month Beijing started in several neighborhoods in the Chao Yang district after a flare up and a bar ended a 5 day streak of COVID community spread the quick escalation adds to concern that China's COVID zero strategy may send cities and repeated lockdowns and reopenings Hong Kong cases rising as well Latest count day to day more than 800 This is the second straight day over 800 U.S. House January 6th committee holds hearing two tomorrow and committee member Adam Schiff on ABC says the focus of this one There are connections between these white nationalist groups and some in Trump's orbit And Schiff says I will move from there to chance of hang Mike Pence and whether Donald Trump contributed to those thoughts And French voters are in the midst of electing a parliament the vote that will determine how much power we elected Emmanuel Macron will have as p.m. polls have been saying that he should maintain control perhaps only barely but those are poles In San Francisco Ahmed Baxter this is Bloomberg Brian All right Ed 38 minutes past the hour It's time for.

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