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We're getting three shows we're going to three different outlets and if they understood how distribution works they would understand this is the pinnacle of the expression having your cake in eating too they then will roll over into a pay per view portion the athlete sometimes may need to look at that as a compliment go okay well i'm on this part of the show but i am the main event and that's a really good thing and i saw yesterday while i was sick was at home i was laying in bed and a piece of come out with joseph ben evita and he was in a similar spot to andrea law sqi in that he's on a card former main event top guy in the world but he's been pushed down the card he wasn't crazy about it i'm not trying to talk him into it i love the competitiveness i love that these guys to be on on top of the bill i would just offer to you don't forget you're still a cool spot you you're still getting to go out there you still are part of the show you're still in the organization i liked the frustration i like the guys keep their eye on it i've always thought there's there's a lot of championships out there and fighters always get locked in on that twelve pound gold belt that's that's great championship absolutely great goal to have but there's other ones too there's other ones that aren't stated that aren't glorified by the media but you as an athlete as a business guy that's try to make it an industry you gotta make sure you see there's other goals somebody's going to be the king of pay per view somebody's going to be the king of the live gate somebody's going to sell more t shirts in the next guy's all of these things are things that you should be thinking about as a fighter there all things you should be tallying up not just the championship and generally they go hand in hand generally the champion is going to be selling the most pay per view is going to be doing the highest tv ratings is going to be moving the most merchandise but not always i could name you plenty of examples where that is not true.

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