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So, Chris, we have a couple more minutes. Just what is some of your best advice. When it comes to you talk about CEOs, they might be. They've been still themselves in just a specific direction, and they're experts in some capacity, but social media sort of new to everybody. We're getting used to it. But what if some of your best like social media 101 advice for all of us? Sure. So I think my first tip is that if you are CEO, and you've decided that you do really want to put your opinions out there? You may want to sort of create targeted audiences were not everyone can see what it is that you want to stay so that you're limiting that risk and liability every time you're putting that opinion out there, so that would definitely be a first step. And I think you probably also really want to think about you know, what are the ramifications of this? My okay with this tweet or this post being used on the cover of The New York Times, one thing that I have known Just that I think most executives don't realise, is many reporters now our polling tweets into their store race, and so they don't necessarily need to get approval for those because when you're tweeting it, it is public, So they're just pulling that directly into their reporting. And so I don't think most CEOs really aware that that is even happening. I can't tell you how many times personally, you know, my my tweets have ended up in stories, and I think that's interesting. No one ever reached out to me about that. And you know they're just embedding this tweet in there. And so I think you should know that that is a risk. Every time you put something on Twitter that such a great point, Chris Ruby because things new so fast journalists trying to.

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