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Idaho. Coon Tosh lady for the same the same theory you drove my car before we did drive our dude. I imagine you've been wanting to tell that is David let you take it to your high school reunion, so cool theory. The so the, the pitch was I had my thirty year high school reunion back in two thousand seventeen. I'm not doing that math. But that mass has your fucking fine for forty nine my friend, Look look good. good as hell. So, so. Yes. So, so thirty year high school reunion, and I was not a popular kid in high school. I was just sort of like weird loser girl. And I thought, oh well we're Stacey Leah, but she was not popular. Like like, you know, whatever. So I thought, all right. Well, the first thing I tried was I wanted to get a seventy seven to be to ten like the notchback, I wanted to drive that to the reunion, because my car, and I thought, oh, that'd be funny. Actually, that would be good. And then funny couldn't find one anywhere. I mean every it's probably they're all like smashed and scrapped. So, so the next best thing was to drive the car that everybody wanted to drive, which was Coon Tosh so get. That's right. So I was like I need one that's from that year. I sort of cheated a little because there's an eighty eight but I thought, well, it would have been on sale. So why not? So I, I you know, Lieberman was like okay, I know this guy like just reach out to him as, as retired. Just drove this thing to something blah, blah. And I was like, okay great. So I reached out to David, and he was like, okay sounds good. He's like put you're probably gonna want to trailer it from my house to the wherever because it the clutch like going out. And I'm like. Oh, okay. But he ended up driving it to my high school. And actually, if you pull up if you pull up the story that's on automobile like you can see actually it's the picture that I posted of on the, on the Graham. That's right outside Pritchard's, right outside of my old high school, not, it's not the Chint was the, the auditorium. And we went out and shot in front of Tommy's where we all used to go, like eat gross chili fries back in the day and. World famous world famous original international listeners know they're like. You know, it though is if you saw grandma's boy, I've seen that, like six times they that's where they go. And grandma's boy. Really? Yes. I did not pay attention to that scene. Car within so much worse shape, though before you got it. So as you know, the clutch was out. So it was like three hundred pound clutch already this like really, really hard to operate. And it was really it was just super heavy. And it just didn't really just didn't wanna go anywhere the doors. I don't know if you've fixed this. But if you parked on even the slightest incline, the doors, wouldn't stay open, strokes, put. Yeah. So those those were falling down the of course, air conditioning, wasn't working. And it was it was the summer. And so. David showed me how to put my hand out of the window. You could get some get some air your armpit. But and that was that was that the Bill, the Bill golf course where the where the reunion was, and I parked it right out front. And I'm like this is going to be bad ass. And everyone's going to be like, whoa, look at Lynn and the thing like three people walked by not even fucking saw the car. They didn't care. They didn't know what it was.

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