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I mean we are First Party in Houston was like legendary. Everyone's talking like he didn't didn't feel like a house party and all these. I think we're just getting fucked up knowing about anything suit like party that sometime in the last couple years. We've had that because we like partnered with the wrong people and rough and rowdy we did last year was not a party is rough and rowdy. It was on this year. We're like we're just GONNA blow it out and hopefully like literally like burn it down and that's kind of what we did. It just didn't get to go longer but it was funny like so many people since that first party like it's a disaster it's a disaster like this is like kind of what we we wanted it to be something that we're GonNa talk about. Yeah we wanted to report we got into. They are still ask like every time we do something big business. Wise people like all they're going to sell out or they're going to change was very apropos on the week. Everyone we're like officially made it made. It made it made it. We were like Oh. Yeah but we're still gonNA shut down like a fan standpoint. Had to have been fucking awesome. I thought we would have gotten a lot of people complaining. Email like we've gotten very little the way it's still went to like one thirty shutdown compared to other parties and open bar the whole thing like everyone got their Miami and people were legless when they were leaving leaving so but as Kelly and Danielle are out there with a whole night and they're kind of like I'll fuck like trying to do what they need to help them like. Listen at this point like we just gotTa survive in advance. Yeah we're GONNA win this wittingly withdraw try to survive. That was really the end of the game. Like let's go as long as we can but it was really just like fasten your seatbelts. Like we're just GONNA have to grit our teeth and like just hold on tight so I kept thinking about what what the celebrities were going to do you and then I see maybe the funniest most lasting image. I'll ever have in my life. Is Shooter mcgavin Chris Christie. And I think it's the same sitting sitting on like a loan chair a single chair in the middle of a fucking flood river on the phone like screaming holding other era closed. Just trying to figure things out. It was a scene from titanic. was shooter mcgavin. Pretty much down knowing. That dude is like a party booze bag animal. I didn't even know he was in the mix. Until after the fact then the shooter mcgavin parody account retweets Portnoy pulled the night that ninety nine percent on me so I I mean. Did anybody like see what became of him he might be. You might have just been. Yeah that video from one of our sales guys like one of our clients sent me this I I actually talked and I think it was. I was like dude before. It's so funny and like I want you to understand how funny video overdue I'm not sending it so you like give me some love right right right right and make sure you watch it re write back. Just that to me I I would rather have a party bomb at the end gets shut down for that image. Then it'd be like hey the bar support. He was awesome last night. I was like should I put this. Does it make it look bad. He's like right. We don't go fuck this is so it's it's everywhere by everybody. Louis WAIN party in Atlanta last year whenever you took him like kissing me in whatever I was where is is this guy just always feel us on his phone with like so instead of like his sponsor play like I did it again. I went off the rails again a sponsored and just sitting by himself. That's the I mean again by himself. Look Buddy was in there a game. He was standing by himself and I was like no one really really not right for whatever. Reason didn't recognize him and I went and got him like brought him around to like a side thing and then I just caught him. I didn't see him until that video. Nobody has ever done better with like a cult classic role then that guy. He has milked every last bit of it. But you gotTA think we're getting to the point where that movies pushing like thirty years old right like I guarantee you put that guy in front of some kids. They're not gonNA. Maybe you could explain it in the big. Oh yeah I know that but just looking at them not gonna fix carpet and he just walked right and I'm like you didn't stop shooter. mcgavin the praying jail when I mean that to me was worth worth at all but but both seeing the blackout tour revived was pretty cool. At one point I had like a moment. I was like standing with Joe Borough and the Bosa family and like fights was gone so I was pretty much by myself or at least he's not any other barstool people and was looking out. I kind of have one of those moments especially as the blackout tour like revived and I was thinking like the only reason we got here is because that like saved us when we we were broke and now it's back again and we sold and all this shit and I was just like smiling ear to ear and then it all went to shit like instantly and I almost smiled more like the about when you gave me one of the blackout. When you were sitting next to Joe Brough did you think he looked like him? I see it I mean you know what the real reason is. We both have bags under is. I don't know why he has them. I got him in my life. That have just asked her but we both have the White Guy Daddy is but yeah I mean he like he was he was the perfect example of like England fog. Whatever it's raining it's crowded like yes we're at a party fucking? Let's roll boasts. A family make both the family goes hard family. Were great they were everybody in there was just. I love the bow so heart art. I'll ride for them forever. Now people trying to give nick trouble for following accounts on all right. I'm officially a space whenever it's just right there believable to that guy. His look is just unbelievable. Take notes if you can if you can pull off that look do it because that was trying to figure out like exactly what it looks like an eye just came it. Looks like Danny. From game of thrones and the color of it but he still pulls it off somehow. Yeah that was that was that was a little section. I can't believe like see their Joe Montana show. I mean I heard he was coming and I was like hell. Oh Montana was it. Jim Kelly from the buffalo bills. They were like the nicest family ever they were Jim. Kelly was the thing is you couldn't see past like are right in front of us. They're also crowded and you have no idea vicks and I'm like Cologne said tyreek Hill. was there like the one who played in the Super Bowl. He's like what he was like. What are you doing now? The Fuck Outta here. He said this. That's hilarious yeah you know. Hang out and play in a couple of days official headcount but what it ended up being. I know that we have in an hour over six thousand three doors down because the last year we didn't promote it really until until the end because we were worried about like it was a capacity issue. There where you don't want to have ten thousand people in this kind of we could just limit. We could let as many people as we wanted right but I think it was six thousand went through the door but like inside at one time I think it was four thousand something like Geez. That's still so many on man. Whatever the cars pulled up to drop off and I saw the line was basically wrapped around the entire fire building? It was like a strap. Let's which is good because people are gonNA show up at nine o'clock in Miami nine o'clock you're sleeping still. Yeah Yeah Yeah so but now everyone came out out in droves of hundreds and you're gonNA HAVE PTSD from it. I don't want anymore those and say you gotTa do one more but just like not. How Miami's emmys the perfect city for it lightly like Shit like that and I was surprised I mean next year Tampa Vegas is there after that? No I thought I thought it was Tampa than La. Either way they'd be like like Tampa Vegas Vegas some in some order you. Are you sad that it didn't like. I was bombed the next day Eric ten times because I was like then and like that was going to be like the Walker then. I realized that everyone was like it was kind of like inside. I wasn't drinking. I wasn't like in the mix I went inside was at like right when the blackouts started. Yeah and I didn't come back until the Fire Marshal in with me at one o'clock and that's when I could see like people just kind of hanging off the every like climbing up on I was yeah I was like I saw. NBA basically couldn't get any. You couldn't get any better than we were. I feel like I had to blow dry my hair when I got back like I literally looked like went and took a shower. I wouldn't drink my newest miserable. Part of my life went rock bottom basic. Because I was I was bombed I was like man. We spent six months like doing this. I wanted and it was going to be one of those and again people are talking about it the way I wanted it to be talked about but I ended up across the street at CCA unharmed frog probably. They must've taken like a Royal Caribbean cruise ship to Miami and I was just sitting there like drinking like those stupid Dana fucking soaking oaken wet. I'll sit there with my buddy from back home and I was like dude this. What happened this weekend? I end up here based off of like millionaire millionaire in the mix. Yeah Yeah that I think in the end. It's better like if you have a good part. Good story is able to remember it. You'll never forget. Yes expand forgetting Paulie. I even think about the amount of people who probably like. I bet so. Many people were like jumping into other people's Uber's survive. Who went home box and they partied together? Talk to you remember even if they go back a little bit of adversity actually kind of ratchets up the memorable aspect of it you have all the Super Bowl parties ladies. You've ever been juiced like yeah. We went to that party went to that. Whatever it's like you just talk about it again next year status? I remember obviously but I'm trying to think I don't like literally remember or like the venue and I remember like the sights and sounds. I'll remember that one way before I remember any other ones good or bad start to Eric. Phillies talking about shooter. mcgavin Eric. Hey what's going on Jim. Kelly and Chiro best friend makes sense Kelly's in the building shooter Kinda came along..

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