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Is the ham radio show. we are live internet. Radio stations across the as shounak. I'm mike is hitting from hershey park in pennsylvania. Go on the facebook live as we speak. You haven't been back in the day. Hershey fault. I've been to the hershey highway a bunch of times. It's we're talking about the bill. No way just wanna make sure ability was still awake. It is the hammer to show the uncrowned kings overall. They running out The anti talk show. Tufts you know. How the fuck are you blind lawrence as well on the facebook live as well. He's every way hayes everywhere you want to be higher body pleasanton and the ball down here. We don't guys cut. I got his cup as a collectors item. Yes from the lawrence ross program. You can get merchandise as well lawrence if you'd be so kind please. In the fontana lebron can you please plug your shit. So that way i can read it out loud on the interwebs. Get your stuff now. It'd be nice. That's what you do ended splendiforous quality stuff to no fucking garbage. Grey t-shirt really t shirt. I think in how many times like he's been taking pictures. He went to asbury park. I think it was as coney island. Where was it. Yeah that one one of them one of them but he was wearing he rocking the blind lawrence merchant. He was rocking. It was all hosing. They were birds. I think eating on him at one point during the that was the the Members the bird sanctuary arm place out in long island in place de petting zoo. Whatever the hell takes went to a petting zoo for the kids. Yeah did your years pettit a beaver repaired or even when like this it was a pooch it'd be is what animals to boot again. When animals in the petting zoo. I did not get any but you know it's like l. They give you a bucky. You pay for the bucket relationship. What about the fucking petting zoo. You get you get the bucket. You fill it with all the accoutrements. Yeah whatever food animals pellets some sort the pellets go around to like area and that the animals you go right to you now you try to feed them at. Its you know for the little right. Hang the out of hand like you go to you. Put it up like designate. Really working pandemic had had sanitizer. Everyone just making sure which was strange. Still you'd think about it. You already got these animals hand. I let them lick the food. Ed sanitize walking down the cooking. Good hold on. Billy's petty sued want keel over. I thought certain animals like the birds. They had special birger. Yeah billy they will fancy colored. Oh no no no. I didn't see any else. But you know the parents code exotic Type birds flying around oddly enough not see any pitcher the area to use the animal buttons on notice. This billy was pending. Durant own up. You go to that area and you gotta get carriage. They give you. The carrots defeated carrots along. You just stick it out. Yeah short pieces like like four inches long. You please let the record show. Ricky's only confident. And when something long that he can stick out an animal's point rigging the lowest russia offense failure favorite podcasting platforms. Merchandise is available by the way at t spring dot com. By the way you get the ham radio show shirts just like abilities wearing not spring dot com. But when you want to blind lawrence. You're going to teach spring dot com stores bachelor's l. ross nineteen eighty-seven but while you're at t spring do yourself a favor. Don't just give just the blind guy's shit. Here's what you gotta do. You have to get your ass going to go into the search thing and look up skunk duck productions or skunk duck and then you get the ham radio stuff the t shirts we got all kinds of shit over there on t. spring that's where people by their shit right so just seeing as i believe we do. I think anything's a hoodie. Version of yes. I have a women a ham. Radio show a blanket i have. I have a ham radio. this is what i purchased. I a ham radio show banner. I have a ham. Radio show blanket. I have every t shirt we've ever made. of course i had to fuck it. Purchase those bother the blink. Blink is nice dude. it's really soft. It's very nice. It's available in spring dot com nice. We just loud and across the couch man ham radio role as they say how. This is a good character building moment. Why why do you have the automatically worry about money. Because it's supposed to no it's not where why why can't you just fuck. Enjoy the moment and that would be fucking change annually. Just sit there and go. Hey maybe i might want to purchase something. That's part of the program manager. Shrewd man cheat. There's a difference everybody's gotta jack. Benny friends somewhere later on the program. Speaking of comedians. That was my segue bill. Sorry speaking comedians linda. Marcus math will be on the program tonight. She's a how you would describe. She's been on the scene. She's worked the clubs. He's done all the good stuff. She's she's a military background as well and on top of everything else She's also a youtube. That's what they're calling it. A youtube celebrity. But the only thing is like you to comedian youtube celebrity. She's interviewed a lot of big names. We're calling her. I just wanna make sure 'cause she's writing megyn. I'm gonna rego. No no we. We shall holing. Us new was a good musical accompaniment but other people could call us at seven..

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