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Just seems so obvious to me that that is absolutely positively true so let some predictions aid does does senator mcconnell get the votes to proceed i think he will i think he will because it is inconceivable to me that we are going to have you know even three and that's really all it would take we republican senators sang you know i don't even want to talk about repeal and replacement of obamacare i'm just not interested i i think it's going to be close but even those members that are that are wassily elke look at dean heller nevada or or you look at others a that have expressed concern rob portman in ohio they've all less than the all the opportunity the wiggleroom i could take a seat on the bill so i tend to think that mitch mcconnell gonna be able to do this now whether it in fact it happens on tuesday as they plan or later i don't know what my sense is that he can get well i i i agree with you because i believe for example dean heller loses his job if he votes not to proceed the fellow mike concern me john mccain he loses his chairmanship because the senate is lost in four years he wants to have for years of rebuild everybody loses exception susan collins of think she's going to be governor and i likes is a call they're very nice person she's making a fundamental miscalculation all the republicans who voted for the page are not gonna supporter and so i i talk to them this weekend are senators talking to you about the you know the policy we can't talk about the policy until we get passed the motion to proceed and then you could talk about the all cr they talk india yeah i mean look at a number of us that continue to offer informal advice and counsel the extent of graph work but i think you're right first of all the policy discussions going to come next week but second of all i i do think that if you look at this spill there is something in their for every element.

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