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Cisco Talking About Cisco Oh sure I think it's a solid look for him. I think it's an actual. Good look actually ran the numbers on neck tattoos and we can put up the stats here. Most neck tattoos look great. The fact that that photo shop had brady with a Necktie to if you look at it nick I know your numbers guy. Ninety four point five percent neck tattoos are good look only two percent come in on cool and three percent about undecided so I think Tom Brady went along with it that I actually think it's a solid look for him. Numbers official take those numbers. Do Look official and Gina. The worry those add up to one hundred so you don't need your phone. Your calculator Ferdie. Math up on like you're being interest salary of two hundred twelve. I'm over two hundred thousand. That's not that much two hundred thousand two hundred dollars less than a hundred plus nine. Forget it we'll take a break here. First things first with Greg Jennings so the Philadelphia. Eagles shocked everyone by drafting. Oklahoma quarterback. Jalen hurts in the second round. I say shocked because they already have a quarterback who they already paid in Carson Wentz move from head coach. Doug Peterson to say this when I spoke to Carson. I wanted him to understand. We value the quarterback position extremely high wanted him to know keys are starter. He's facing the eagles he's our franchise. He's the guy who is hopefully going to take us back to the Super Bowl you bind. Doug Peterson reassurance weird.

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