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Minneapolis, Walmart, Sloan discussed on The Lake Show with Henry Lake


No supervision whatsoever what makes you wonder where residents in that in that area because you know downtown Minneapolis there's a lot of residential places throughout downtown Minneapolis so watered one of those individuals doing as far as you know for their safety right now so you know it's it's I'm curious to see how we search using an deciding which here is to patrol kind of you know trying to control a little bit more than the others are in the home okay I will check back in it it's just a little bit mark mark fry from WCCO radio check in and I think I'm going to try to go back and check in with Walmart and see where she's at right now as well Sloan where you at right now I am still here in downtown Minneapolis Henry and it continues to be obviously a face off here between protesters lingering after I you heard mark say was a really peaceful respectful March earlier today I mean I saw estimates in the tens of thousands in terms of people that were here still I would say a couple hundred remaining around I already saw a big blast of nice happening here in in the face of one of the protesters after a couple of things flew through the air so it kind of goes through the same kind of way of the things being.

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