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H. the agenda and or maybe it's a commercial I've argued for a long time they sell sickness through television the Gompers commented down it's going to get you but Hey look one it does take a B. C. and then they show you relax supplying position being doted upon by some pretty lady like there's a reward to getting ill and the disclaimer at the end you can't even hear it yeah that's true and and and remember the restless legs syndrome story yeah yeah yeah I mean Michael television is designed to program as much as it is to entertain now that said that doesn't mean that you can't you know subscribe to like a YouTube TV and watch Ted talks and you know if if if I'm going to get programs if I'm going to be in this altered state this slow brain waves which is the same brain wave state they use in the technology called suggests the PDF for super xcelerated learning well then why am why am I not using that to learn something to do something positive for myself most of the technologies we have today they're they're somewhat akin to a physician's scalpel you know it depends on what you use that scalpel forest whether it's good or bad well then we're gonna take a quick break pretty soon we're gonna come back and take final phone calls Eldon Taylor with us and don't forget his offer of a free MP three audio to help you boost your optimism and to get you rolling again and that is so important these days it is so very important to be able to just stay positive Ellen Taylor our special guest here on coast to coast speaking of you too don't forget our you tube channel the grab it's YouTube's coast to coast AM official that's how you find it in the YouTube search engine and we've got a link it coast to coast AM dot com at the top it's free to subscribe to go ahead and sign up for that too back with a final calls in a moment on coast to coast AM don't forget to watch your TV show beyond belief.

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