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Our researchers and I am excited for our business is to be able to re open if we have more people who are vaccinated. More and more people are putting up their holiday lights. One family in North Carolina has been decorating their home for nearly 40 years, but this year's light display is special. It honors law enforcement and health care workers. He spends a lot of money on lights were on Hawthorne Road in Ardmore. We've lived here 37 years and I've pretty much done Christmas lights every year. I always tell everybody when they're driving by looking for house, Look for the blue lights, those lights in the trees. There's icicle lights on the house laser lights in the backyard round balls that are hanging in the trees. They're actually bouncy balls from Walmart Rapid flights. The blue lights have always been my favorite. I added the snowflake on the windows last year, and I got up there with a bunch of weights to hold these gear down on the roof. I added the dripping lights last year over here, and I just I enjoyed doing it. When my two Children moved out, I decided that I wasn't gonna do the lights anymore. And my Children told me that dad you have to, so I've kept it going all these years. It's fun. I look forward to it. E do a good job with it. And do it was better. What? Who better to honor this year after 2020 You know, I love this song to say he rose work here. E think it's fantastic and Let's keep it going through the holiday season. Kudos to the family looks great. Yeah, And if you have.

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