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Marcus from rotas breaking vs we'll keep an eye on the situation the company said it was reviewing the subpoena and will provide further information as appropriate my markets kiss morning is george go from manager polar capital george talking about investigations into mining and africa south america but actually greencore is very close to home because a little business will have glencore shares in their pension fund whether they know it or not this is the eleventh biggest company on the footsie100 market got forty six billion does your top line of tune in twenty five billion as your previous guests said it is a business it's of touches every part of our everyday lives but they also do business in every corner of the world and sometimes with some fairly unsavoury governments and characters say we don't know the details of the investigation but it does matter for anyone who has a pension what about retail retail's can be very much in the in the news this morning there calls from various trade groups for reform of business rates we're going to have a review of the high street by bill grimsby out later today things are looking black for retail what do you think indian might be the way forward because something for the government really and local councils to wrestle with my opinion we are heading fast was appointed which online sales in the uk will face a point a consumption tax when you gamble online to try level the playing field between the sort of physical and the online retail world so just point a consumption takes you mean so if you bought something from emerson you'd face an extra tax when you buy it rather than rather than trying to catch and corporation tax they text the consumer not the company yes the at the moment is you know you incident john's paying little no tax and they're busy hollowing out the highstreet which employs people and pays tax so and the high street is struggling in a persistently you get the.

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