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As scramble, but has Zimmerman has been, I think, the best field player for the U.S. over the last two games. And then I think healthy sergino dest and a healthy Anthony Robinson are both locks as well. And it's weird because dust is the better player, the better overall player. But Anthony is more of a solid lock because there are so many big questions about who could be the backup left back. Whereas if gets hurt and can't go, whatever, I'm pretty confident in Reggie cannon and I'm pretty confident in Deandre yedlin, even Shaq Moore. We have to go that far down the list. But I think three of the four back line, those guys are locks, and then it's a question between Chris Richards and Aaron long for who's going to partner Zimmerman. Charlie made the suggestion. I think I agree with them. The dust is the backup left back. So, okay, let me, sorry. Because we've had this conversation a lot. One of the issues with that comment. And I understand what he means. Is the best left back on the roster that is not Anthony Robinson or Jedi, whatever you want to call him. But if your concept going into the World Cup is that death is your backup left back. Let's just word it like this. When you are rotating your team, sergino dest is still playing. So if he becomes your backup left back, I guess you're probably going to play your best team against England. So you're not rotating from game one to game two. Now you're going to game three. If death is your backup left back and he has started the first two games at right back and you're giving Anthony Robinson a break. Sergino dest is now playing 90 minutes at left back. So while I understand that concept and we've all said it and I think dust is as comfortable on the left as he is on the right. And as effective a player, fine. But he can play for Barcelona left back sometimes, then you're good enough to play for the U.S.. I mean, yes, but no, it's different, David, because when he plays left back for Barcelona, he pinches inside, he becomes a midfielder. And the U.S. doesn't really play like that. We play like that for three games at the start of berhalter's tenure. We do not play like that anymore. You can play left back at a really high level. It changes so much about the way the U.S. play and Barcelona can deal with that because they have some of the very best players in the world. We don't have that. Well, actually. Genuinely think we need a like for like replacement for Anthony Robinson. Do you think this is a 26 man versus 23 man roster conversation? Because in a 26 man roster, it's not a question..

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